• VPN only mask your IP address. Not your traffic where moving your traffic exit nodes can also make you identifiable and traceable

      • A VPN is suitable for people simply trying to avoid the dragnet going on, however. If you actually have anything serious to hide or expect the government to invest more than a token effort in obtaining your data, you’ll need a good deal more than a VPN.

      • Unless I have misunderstood VPNs entirely, a VPN encrypts your web traffic surely.

  1. Why would you use a CIA (external only for the USA by law) when it’s the NSA who handle SigInt?
    CIA is more famous for corruption, fabrication of ‘evidence’, drug and arms import/export and overthrowing legitimate governments in other countries to their own agenda, often with corporate backing.
    Hardly recommends them to this role.

    • “CIA is more famous for … fabrication of ‘evidence’,”
      You realise ASIO have been given powers to help with exactly that?

  2. A little googling finds Justin Bassi won the Claton Utz Prize for Torts at ANU in 2000, so we might assume he got a degree in law at around that time. Since then he has had positions with responsibility for hiring at various government portfolios, from Finance and Banking in 2003 to cyber security at the Attorney General’s office. He has also worked at Office of National Assessments (ONA). I’d assume that any CIA connection is purely facetious.

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