TPG’s Teoh opens the FetchTV door for iiNet once again


blog Remember how one of the first actions which TPG took upon acquiring its broadband rival iiNet was to dump the FetchTV Internet television product which iiNet and its subsidiary brand Internode had been such an evangelist for back in the early days? Well, that move, it turns out, may have been something more akin to a negotiating tactic. The Financial Review tells us this week (we recommend you click here for the full story):

“TPG Telecom has quietly resumed sales of its loss-making Fetch TV subscription television service for iiNet customers while hunting for alternative media partners.”

There’s also quite a bit more detail in the article, including the thinking of TPG supremo David Teoh with respect to Internet television giant Netflix and so on. Personally, I’m still shocked that Teoh is talking to the media as much as he is at the moment — even providing details about TPG’s future plans! Wonders will never cease. Perhaps this is an indication that we will see a new age of transparency from TPG in the future. One can only hope.

As I’ve previously mentioned, I think the current generation of the FetchTV product is quite awesome. Whether or not it will fit with the business model which iiNet and TPG uses is quite another matter — after all, the company has to make money, and it’s not clear to what extent FetchTV has been a profit generator for iiNet. Those are details which only Teoh and his staff really have at this point. I suspect it will be these financial details which will primarily drive Teoh’s decision on this matter.

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  1. There’s been a few first for David this week, first the photo, and now this.

    Maybe he wont trash iiNet after all.

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