Simon Hackett is selling his original Tesla Roadster for a cool $150,000


blog If you’ve got oodles of cash and a penchant for hotted up electric vehicles, then Simon Hackett has a deal for you — a $150,000 deal. The Internode founder is selling off his original Tesla Roadster, which you may recall as the first Tesla model sold in Australia. Hackett memorably drove this hotrod from Darwin to Adelaide as part of the Global Green Challenge.

But don’t worry, Hackett’s not short of speed, even though he’s selling his original ride. He actually has another Roadster still in Australia and one in California, as well as a Tesla Model S. The Carsales ad for the car states: “Owner has too many Roadsters; this one is surplus to requirements.” It’s a hard life for a multi-multi-millionaire.

Image credit: Simon Hackett


  1. Whom want to buy it for me?

    Perhaps start a kickstarter campaign.

    I am thinking
    $1000 X You get to borrow it for a day

    Only need 150 people

  2. can it be driven legally on Australian streets? or are the rego mob still huffing and puffing over LHD.

  3. Give me the latest Tesla Model S (P85D) with Autopilot any day. Exquisite to the max!

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