1. Whew, luckily I’m not a Vodafone customer, so my metadata is perfectly safe! Everyone knows that the other two mobile companies in Oz would *never* just hand our data over to the government without telling anyone about it…

    [rolls eyes]

  2. That’s what happens when you have no laws restricting access to such information – if it is not explicitly denied, then they are doing it. If there are legal exceptions (such as for ASIO) then they will exploit them. And then more restricted law enforcement will find a way to get access to the data held by their unrestricted bretheren (through cooperative or data sharing agreements). Right now pretty much any federal government employee can access your meta data simply by asking for it, which can pinpoint the location of your phone (and thus probably you) anywhere at any point in time, particularly if you had a phone call or sent a text during the period in question. It’s like carrying around a tracking device the government needs absolutely no warrant to access. Ludicrous.

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