Dogecoin co-founder an interesting Sydney chap



blog If you follow the crypto-currency scene (think Bitcoin and its many imitators), you might have noticed that the co-founder of one of the more outlandish currencies, Dogecoin, is an Australian. Jackson Palmer is a product marketing manager at Adobe, is based in Sydney, and is one of the key figures in the development of the good Doge. And, if you read this excellent online interview with Palmer produced by new Australian tech media outlet Techly (we recommend you click here for the full article), you’ll find that he’s also a man of many interesting opinions. He’s not a huge fan of venture capital:

“I’ve been approached by VCs lately who want to cash in on this Dogecoin thing and they’re offering me what in reality is ridiculous amounts of money. And I’m sitting there quietly with them saying ‘I want to throw X amount of dollars at this’ and I’m like, ‘take a step back, it’s a dog on a coin’. Has the world gone mad?”

But he is a fan of government regulation of crypto-currencies, as well as community-focused Internet micropayments, keeping things real online, and not taking the entire thing too seriously. It’s an interesting interview with someone who has suddenly shot to prominence in Australia’s Internet sphere, and we recommend you check it out. Also, watch this excellent video to fully understand Dogecoin’s history.

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  1. Cool stuff. Having never really gotten involved with any social media (Reddit, Twitter, Facebook) it all seems a little irrelevant to me, but I find the idea of Dogecoin pretty interesting, and I like that the guy has this strong personal integrity. It helps that he knows what he actually wants out of the currency, and that’s not to make money, but to facilitate social media-driven online commerce.

  2. I’ve been noticing a lot of buzz about all this crypto currency stuff and thought it was all a big hype job. Especially thought the Dogecoin was a little foolish until I saw a bunch of people chipped in to buy a replacement bobsled for the Jamacian Sled Team. As I’ve looked into more closely I am becoming more and more intrigued by it! I’ve even picked up some Dogecoin myself and am in all likely hood going to start accepting it at my barbershop. So thank you for this interesting interview!!!

  3. Not sure what he mean when he says he’s a fan of government regulation of e-currency. I assume he is talking about anti-money laundering checks (eg. photo id proof of address), In which case I agree with him.

    I like how he’s not gonna sell out to the highest bidder. Keep dogecoin FUN as it’s supposed to be and watch it go to the moon! WOW ^^

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