NAB moves website into Amazon cloud



blog We’ve known for a while that Amazon Web Services has been going great guns locally since the company first launched its Australian datacentre in November last year, but perhaps not all of us have been aware how mainstream the use of Amazon’s public cloud computing has become. In an article in The Australian newspaper this morning, it was revealed that NAB had switched its entire public-facing website into Amazon’s cloud (excluding, of course, sensitive areas such as Internet banking). The newspaper reports (we recommend you click here for the full article; it’s a fascinating case study):

“The bank shifted from an internal legacy set-up into the Amazon public cloud more than a week ago, said NAB enterprise delivery general manager Thor Essman.”

The news starkly shows the rapidly growing levels of trust which even major corporations have for the cloud. As I wrote in November last year, the use of cloud computing technologies is now entirely mainstream in Australia’s normally conservative banking sector. It also mirrors cloud usage which we’re seeing in other major sectors such as government, which are increasing deploying public-facing websites into public cloud environments, as well as using other cloud-based point solutions behind the scenes. I suspect the question we’ll be asking ourselves in a few years is not what can be moved into public cloud environments — but rather, what can’t.