Amazon wins more Aussie financial services work



blog Cloud computing giant Amazon Web Services has been relatively quiet about the numbers of Australian customers signing up to use its elastic infrastructure since it launched a dedicated datacentre in Australia in mid-November last year. At the moment the situation is unclear: Are Australian customers signing up to use the facility in droves, are they ignoring it, or are things somewhere in between? Right now, only Amazon knows. However, we got a little bit more clarity this week courtesy of iTNews (we recommend you click here for the full article), which reports that local insurance group Holland is using Amazon more:

“AWS coming to Sydney certainly was a proponent for activity,” [head of IT Luis Nejo] said, noting that Hollard Financial Services (HFS) is “re-balancing” its mix of public cloud and managed services and aiming for a hybrid solution.

Given that Australia is already relatively well-served for cloud computing infrastructure, with the likes of Fujitsu, IBM and CSC operating at the top end and companies such as Ninefold and OrionVM further down the chain, we’re sure it will take Amazon a little bit to get some momentum up. However, the company will have a natural advantage due to its existing brand and the familiarity which many local IT professionals will already have with its global infrastructure. It will be interesting to see how fast the company can ramp up in Australia.

Image credit: Amazon


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