SAP generates 120 new Melbourne jobs



blog Looks like German software giant SAP isn’t doing too poorly in Australia. According to a media release issued by Victorian Technology Minister Gordon Rich-Phillips last week, the vendor is all set to create 120 new jobs in Victoria. Rich-Phillips is apparently on a trade mission in India at the moment and dropped in on SAP’s Bangalore office to make the announcement. Some relevant paragraphs:

SAP’s Melbourne MCC will be staffed by up to 20 senior consultants and project directors who will co-ordinate the delivery of services to customers both in Australia and across the Asia-Pacific region. More than 100 additional jobs will also be created to meet SAP’s growing Victorian customer base.

“The Melbourne Mission Control Centre will co-ordinate large-scale software rollouts and SAP India will provide software research and development,” Mr Rich-Phillips said. “This is an exciting development which highlights Victoria’s strengths as a globally connected knowledge economy.

“This partnership is a good example of Victoria and India working together by leveraging India’s software development capability and Victoria’s project management and delivery expertise,” Mr Rich-Phillips said.

The latest audio and video technology based at the Control Centre will be used to ensure SAP’s local teams and their partners in India can work together to deliver a combined software service to customers in the entire Asia-Pacific region.

Nice. I have to say, Victoria certainly does do a good job of attracting IT companies to Melbourne. It’s something which the NSW Government has only recently started focusing on (Premier Barry O’Farrell’s recent attendance at the opening of Adobe’s new Sydney headquarters being a good example), and an approach which other states would be well-advised to follow.

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  1. Hi,

    How can I apply for these jobs? I have worked at SAP Labs, Bangalore – India and now I am in Melbourne looking for a SAP Job. Please advise.

    Appreciate your help.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Anand Patil

  2. Hi,

    SAP has had a strong presence in Melbourne for many years and is well supported by local companies.
    I find it interesting your article mentions the creation of new jobs but does not mention the local SAP technical people who will lose work due to the work going to India?

    I would much prefer to see the government talking up wins of local people showing their talents instead of the creation of an off-shoring hub.


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