Happy Friday! And see you next week :)


hey everyone,

just a quick note to let you know that I’m taking today off from writing on Delimiter. It’s been a huge few weeks and I need a day to sit back and organise editorial, plan strategy and look at the bigger picture. This year has already been kind of intense already in Australia’s technology journalism space, and I need a bit of time to get my head around it. With this in mind, have a great Friday and a great weekend, and your regularly scheduled programming will return next week :)


Publisher, Delimiter

PS: This has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the new Starcraft expansion pack, Heart of the Swarm, was released this week. Nothing at all. I swear.


  1. Oh, I found I had to take the day off today. Coolant in my oil that the mechanic was meant to have fixed :(
    Now I might not be as pissed. Downloadable? :)

          • Yes, just checking it out now. Already got wings of Liberty. Just trying to work out the different between the standard/upgrade and digital deluxe

          • Yes, just noticed. And extra $20 for some UI art, abaneling for WOW (don’t play), Diablo stuff (don’t like it, hate random dungeons). Pretty bad value. Std upgrade it is.

          • Digital Deluxe isn’t worth it unless you play Diablo 3 and WoW.

            The Collectors Edition Box, on the other hand, is very much worth it. You get everything in the Digital Deluxe version, plus an art book, music CD, Behind the scenes DVD/BD, and a mousepad. I like the music in the game, and the behind the scenes stuff is really interesting as well.

          • Sob, my credit card expires at the end of the month. They think an expiry date of 03/2013 is already expired :(

  2. I want to say a big congrats, Renai – your hard work has really been making some waves. It’s important for technical journalists to…

    …wait – OMG! The Starcraft expansion! Screw this noise, then.

  3. But Renai, who is going to give our fix of “Tech”? We will suffer withdrawal symptoms. We might start believing FTTN! We might choose the wrong story. We might….we might….
    Have a bonza time and do take the break. You deserve it after surviving Media Watch.

  4. A break? Stellar idea old bean. Enjoy your break. And remember, “construct additional pylons”. :)

  5. Naw, dont take the day off! We need an opinion on The Turnbulls interview on Fairfax Media’s Breaking Politics.

    One line alone will generation 100 comments – ”You can never criticise me for not providing a lot of detail,” Mr Turnbull said…

    He talks about the Comms (read: FttN) policy being released “months” before the election… Plus Labor taking 20 years, and costing $100b… Its a commentary goldmine.

    • When I saw the story about that interview by Turnbull, my first thought was “Hey, he must have known Renai was taking the day off!” ;-)

      Enjoy the Starcraft. Haven’t played it at all since getting halfway through the Zerg campaign in Starcraft I, all those years ago…

      • The campaigns are now way more interesting. My fav on SC1 BW was always Big game hunters. Even solo was great, fend off 7 Zerg AIs by playing as Terran and bunkering up.

        • Anyone can stop 7AI BGH w/ Terran…. now go do it w/ Zerg

          Now *that* was a challenge :D

          • Yer, I’ve done it will all races. But the others die 80-90% before you can defend.

        • Im holding off getting the xpack for a while yet. Made a commitment to get the pile of unplayed games down a little before I bought more.

          Of course, I did that forgetting the xpack was coming out, and I do have an out as its an expansion and not a full game, but I think I’ll still wait a little. Not as dedicated to the game as I used to be.

  6. watch as today becomes one of the biggest days for news in tech history.

    and renai isn’t there to report it. :p

    • Liberals announce they will complete the NBN with Dark Fibre and be minimum 10GBs speeds!
      1st April is a bit off yet :(
      *The above statement is a pie*

  7. My guess is that you’re upgrading from WinXP so you can play HOTS tomorrow.

    Yeah, you were all like “ATO yesterday is running on WinXP” yesterday weren’t you Mr Pot calling the Kettle Black.

    • Dont laugh, that pretty much happened to me with Battlefield 3. Bought it, took it home and installed it. Went through the motions to install Origin, popped the rego key in and activated the game, only to be told I needed Win 7 to play.

      After I’d used the rego key. Which meant I couldnt return the game. So had to install Win 7 (or Vista – ha!) to play it.

      Look on the box at the reqs showed Win 7 needed, in plain sight. Grey writing on grey background, font size about 2… Caught me out, and caught the guys from the GAME shop I bought it from out as well. Couldnt think of any other game that NEEDED Vista plus to play.

      Just one of the many EA decisions made over the past couple of years that are really anti-customer.

    • I ask because I am torn between this, Simcity which was plagued with DRM issues so the smart stayed away until that is sorted and Tomb Raider on the Xbox which I hear is very good.

      • The SimCity issues arent as bad as they make out for Aussie players. The surge of players that caused the real problems is in the US timeslots, so we mostly miss them. The always on DRM sucks, but frankly we should be used to it by now. Its not something thats going to go away anyhow, for better or worse (note: for worse in my opinion).

        If you want to play a single person game you can as well. Just host a new game, pick your map, and make it private. Still need to synch with the server, but I’ve only been caught out once so far and really only lost a few minutes play. Annoying part was waiting for it to eventually catch up and synch before I could actually log out.

        Play a small 2 city map first to get used to the game, then move to the bigger 4-16 town maps.

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