Pollenizer celebrates five years with a book



blog To say it’s been a huge five years for Australian startup consultancy and incubator Pollenizer is an understatement. The company and its two highly energetic co-founders Phil Morle and Mick Liubinskas is probably the most recognisable face of the Australian IT startup sector, and it’s rare to find a project which doesn’t have some connection to Pollenizer somewhere. In an epic blog post looking back on Pollenizer’s life so far, Liubinskas goes through the highlights. One of my favourite paragraphs:

“An entrepreneur is someone who pursues opportunities beyond their current level of resources.” Well, that certainly summed us up then. We had no capital (Kazaa didn’t give us a big exit), no brand, no team, no systems and no platform to build on. We had a few startups we were helping, a few contacts and a few people saying “go for it.”

The Pollenizer pair have also recently collaborated on a new book about the startup lifecycle (which they certainly have plenty of knowledge about). To be formally launched next week, Startup Focus is described as “a practical, hands-on manual to help you focus and guide you through the life-cycle of a startup”. More information (including a link to buy the book) is available here. From this writer’s point of view, we can’t describe what a great thing for Australia’s IT startup community it has been that Liubinskas and Morle met so many years ago. The fruits of their labor have benefited everyone and we have a lot to thank them for. Cheers, guys, and here’s to another great five years :)

Image credit: Pollenizer/Delimiter