NSW Police reportedly settles with Micro Focus



blog Remember how NSW Police was allegedly caught red-handed pirating software from enterprise IT vendor Micro Focus? And how the whole story was the subject of an extensive and embarassing documentary report by the 7:30 Report in April 2012? Yeah. Not precisely the best look for the boys in blue. Well, it appears that NSW Police has come clean in the case. iTNews reports (we recommend you click here for the full article, it’s quite detailed and has a decent timeline):

“The NSW Attorney General will this week sign an out of court settlement with software vendor Micro Focus, putting an end to a protracted and expensive dispute between the State‚Äôs law enforcement services and the software vendor over licenses.”

Remember, kids, piracy is a crime. You wouldn’t steal a car. You wouldn’t steal a handbag, You wouldn’t steal a television. You wouldn’t steal a movie. Downloading pirated films Using more licenses for expensive enterprise IT software than you’ve actually paid for is just not on. Tell everyone you know. Piracy is piracy.


  1. The NSW Attorney General will this week ” Bribe / pay hush money to / buy off ” software vendor Micro Focus.

    Full Public Disclosure or or call the ACCC

    The people of NSW deserve to know how much this has cost. for both the Police and the AG

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