Assange’s mum confirms he will run for Senate


blog It’s 2013 already. So do we have an election date for the Federal Election? Check. Do we have major parties already hitting the airwaves to make their election pitches? Check. Do we have final confirmation that rogue Internet activist Julian Assange is planning to make a bid to be elected to the Australian Senate? Check. Yes, indeed we have confirmation, from Assange’s mum, no less. How professional. The Sydney Morning Herald reports (we recommend you click here for the full article):

Christine Assange confirmed her son’s candidacy on Wednesday after WikiLeaks tweeted the news. “He will be awesome,” she said.

Great. And if that isn’t the kind of endorsement every Senate candidate looks for (your mum saying that you’re “awesome”), then we don’t know what is. Now if only Assange could convince the British Government to release him from the Ecuadorian embassy in London so he could come to Australia to campaign, that would be great. Mmmmkay? On the other hand, we suspect that if Assange was elected as a Senator then he would automatically achieve some kind of diplomatic status that would allow him to return. Could be the ultimate trump card? Game on. Pity how Antony Green thinks he has “next to no chance of being elected”. Still, for our money, we hope Assange gets in. It would certainly make Communications Minister Stephen Conroy’s life more interesting.

Image credit: New Media Days, Creative Commons


  1. I’d vote for Assange. At least he has a functional brain.

    Most politicians these days seem to all be shareholders…

    … In the same brain cell

  2. I’ll vote for him. If only to see the whole world run around like a headless chicken for the next three years.

  3. Antony Green will prove that he is human after all, and is capable of making mistakes.

  4. I’m voting for him too!

    We need some folks willing to bring the problems faced in the digital world into the spotlight and try to do something about them that isnt tied to the old media!!!!

    • Sure why not, you’ll prolly find GetUp! and other net based orgs giving him a boost too.

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