Slow day today


hey everyone,

just as an FYI, today (Friday) will be a very slow posting day for Delimiter (maybe one or two articles). It’s been a huge and very busy period over the past few months, so we’re taking it easy today to step back and get some perspective on things. We’ll be back at full steam next week!

In the meantime, if you want to discuss any issue, there’s always Delimiter’s forums. You can post your own topic using the form below:


Renai LeMay
Editor + Publisher, Delimiter


  1. Take your time, Renai. It’s important to stop and smell the roses.



  2. No wories Renai,

    Sometimes, a nice long day with your beer goggles on helps you to refocus (after sobering up).


    Take it easy dude! Looking forward to more of your razor commentary!

  3. Some constructive feedback
    I notice you’ve changed the main page to bring a main story to the site

    Problem is you never update it or change this week So When I visit it looks like the sites hasnt updated in 48 hrs and your forced to scroll down to discover if theirs anything new!

    • Pretty much I seen

      “Obstruction, avoidance and evasion”:
      IT giants stonewall price inquiry for the past week

      And made me visit the site less offend during the week

    • I do think there’s something in this. I’ve thought before that your average casual passer-by isn’t even going to see the latest stories and just assume the most recent article is pretty old. I have to scroll down nearly a full screen to get past the featured article.

    • Yes I think featuring a different coalition member each day wearing a dunces cap relating to their latest NBN comments would be more effective, with Conroy with his finger on the big red knob for cleaning the web as an occasional distraction…

  4. It’s better to have correct info then not correct info (unlike other news outlets)….

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