Domino’s migrates into Telstra cloud


video Pizza chain Domino’s has revealed that it has shifted its IT infrastructure out of an in-house datacentre (some where also with a third-party) and onto Telstra’s Infrastructure as a Service platform. iTNews has published a video interview with Domino’s chief information officer Wayne McMahon on the subject (see below). You can also read the publication’s interview with iTNews here.


  1. so they moved it to nsw/vic round last chrissy?

    ahh that explains why I in Qld was told online many a times I couldnt order a pizza at 11.45pm as my local store ( and others nearby) were closed for ordering

    LOL even though they are open till 1am

    yes, my complaints to the online guru and local stores went un-fixed, hope they have their act together this year when pretend time starts in southern states

    I am but one,
    but… multiply me by thousands, and there’s how much cash they missed out on and eagle boys and pizza hut picked up :)

  2. Why were the Dominos systems down yesterday evening? is this the new Telstra cloud at fault?

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