Turnbull’s credit card details exposed in Stratfor hack


blog By now many of you know that a number of Australian organisations have had their credit card numbers compromised (this iTNews report is rather good) by a major hack of the US security intelligence firm Stratfor, with Australian victims including ANZ Bank, BHP, HSBC, Westpac, Woodside and so on. But did you know that Shadow Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s security has also been compromised? Probably the best article on the issue so far has come from Fran Foo of The Australian, who reports:

“The details of Mr Turnbull, the opposition communications spokesman … were laid bare for all and sundry. Mr Turnbull was holidaying overseas and could not be contacted but his spokesman confirmed those were his private details.”

Similar articles have been published by ZDNet.com.au, CIO Magazine and many others. Overall, there’s not really much to say about this … apart from to note that if a security intelligence firm can be hacked in this manner, then probably any organisation can. In the new Internet era, your information is never 100 percent safe — even if you’re Malcolm Turnbull ;)

Image credit: Office of Malcolm Turnbull


  1. My account was also taken by these thieves. i am at uni and work in a restaurant hardly a world leader or nasty “capitalist”. I subscribed for my studies at a discounted rate and paid for it by working in a crap job.
    As for this charity rubbish, my card was used in Eastern Europe, Morocco and Mauritius for CASH withdrawals so spare me the robin hood nonsense.

    I used to think these guys were interesting in what they did …but no longer. Now I am waiting for their inevitable arrests and I can enjoy the thoughts of these tossers being inside the shower block of a US based Super max federal prison passing the soap backwards to a extradited Mexican Gang boss.

  2. To whoever has those details… I want a pony, and a new laptop, and .. and… and… and…

  3. JC Spring you subscribed to a security thinktank in the US? As a University student? Why?

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