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hey everyone,

you may have noticed that Delimiter has reverted to the usual WordPress comments system overnight. The reasons are pretty simple: While the Disqus system offers advanced functionality over WordPress’ native comments system, it has suffered a series of outages, errors, slowdowns and other problems recently that have led to great frustration for me in using it on Delimiter.

Last night, I attempted to install the IntenseDebate comments platform as a replacement. It’s a great system, and it installed fine on Delimiter Marketplace. However, perhaps due to the volume of comments on Delimiter itself (in excess of 33,000), after nine hours of migration time, IntenseDebate had not been able to sync our current comments with it. I will contact IntenseDebate and see if they have a resolution for this.

What this means is that for now, we’re back to the old WordPress comments system. I know this is annoying, and I myself vastly prefer the more modern options, but right now those options are buggy. My apologies.

Kind regards,

Editor + Publisher, Delimiter


  1. whaaaaaaaaattt?….. just when i got used to Disqus fonts, style, format and all…. you do a bait & switch…

    *shakes fist at Ubermind*

  2. the thing i liked most about disqus was that i could use my google account to log in to it.
    i didn’t have to create a new account.

    i notice the new system allows logging in using my facebook credentials but i really don’t want to use that.

  3. I’m sure IntenseDebate is better than Disqus (you can permalink comments on Disqus btw) however I’m noticing more “The server at delimiter.com.au is taking too long to respond.” messages with the usual WordPress commenting.

      • Not sure what the problem is. Somewhere between the ISP and your web server I’m guessing :-(

  4. Explains why I thought you had turned off comments on some posts recently. ’twas just Disqus star gazing rather than responding.

  5. I noticed Disqus was flaky on the iPad as well, sometimes you would see the comments sometimes you didn’t, most times I switched to the Desktop version to see everything.

    WordPress seems to be ok on iPad.

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