Just say the f*cking word already


For God’s sake. Australia’s mobile telcos are such a bunch of namby-pambies that it’s not funny. If you want customers to register their interest for when you launch the goddamn iPhone 5, just say so. Stop pussy-footing around Apple and just say the fucking word “iPhone” already. Everyone knows what you’re trying to do here.




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  1. you’ll just have to wait until 10am on the 4th of October like everyone else.

  2. It’s meant to drive people nuts… that’s why they’re the number 1 global brand. Expection, speculation, and finally the reveal.

    • don’t forget the leaks and the accidental loss of development prototypes by employees in public places.

  3. Technically, the Optus panda appears to have five fingers and a thumb pad. Which would make “Optus gives you 6” a more correct description. Can someone please contact the ACCC?

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