The definition of irony …


… is when you work for Telstra BigPond and rock up on Internode MD Simon Hackett‘s doorstep trying to sell him a broadband connection.

Perhaps Internode should repay the favour with Telstra chief executive David Thodey sometime. We promise to be on hand with a video camera if so ;)

Image credit: Delimiter screenshot of Twitter


  1. I am sure he doesn’t giggle at the Telstra Wholesale salesperson – he needs them.

      • his point is that an “Internode broadband connection” is basically a resold Telstra product (be it TW ADSL, ULL or LSS – all of them use Telstra infrastructure).

        • Is it still resold telstra stuff if it’s on Internode equipment, which I think they’ve branded as agile?

          • if you’re accessing Telstra’s copper tail via ULL/LSS, you’re still a TW customer.

            brand/market it any way you like… be it with a Nodepony or Dodobird.

      • @PointZeroOne

        “what is the point of your post?”

        It’s not the moderator Internode sympathetic closeted little world that is called the Internode forum in Whirlpool, get used to it.

  2. Ah yes, which is why we need to alter such tilted pseudo/pretend/non-existent competition… thanks for raising and admitting it…!

    And seeing Australia’s geographic proportions dictates a natural monopoly in network infrastructure, the NBN is the obvious choice…

    Government network (so no 800lb profit driven only, gorilla at the helm) with ISP’s clamouring for our business with fervent competition….

    Seems to me the only people who won’t accept that this is the most logical conclusion, are those living in a far right ideological/accountantancy world, who see this as some commie take over…sigh

    Regardless, glad it has finally dawned on you guys (Tosh and alain) and you have seen the light!

  3. If there’s one thing Simon’s post doesn’t define, it’s irony. This is very humorous but it isn’t ironic.

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