NBN Photos: Kiama’s big orange button


Did the Federal Government buy big “turn it on” buttons in bulk when it approved the National Broadband Network policy? It’s starting to look that way, judging by the amount of NBN launch events it has held over the past few years. Today’s big orange button comes from Kiama, where the NBN was officially switched on this morning.

Not the best photo of Communications Minister Stephen Conroy. Alongside him are Mellissa Tierney (Australia Day Young Citizen Award Winner), Kiama Council mayor Sandra McCarthy and Treasurer and Deputy PM Wayne Swan.

Another action shot, with Conroy smiling this time:

The happy quartet:

Wah-Swah captured in action, no doubt espousing the economic benefits of universal broadband:

Err …. right. Is this Twister for senior citizens? NBN Co’s official caption about this photo reads:

“Local resident, Judy Spooner, demonstrating a new fall prevention application developed by NeuRA (Neuroscience Research Australia). The application uses a dance-mat and interactive screen to help the elderly with mobility. This is an example of a new model of healthcare that can be delivered over the National Broadband Network both to regional and metropolitan areas.”

And an action shot from behind:

Overall, quite bizarre.

Image credit: NBN Co


  1. I suspect Conroy carries the big orange button in his brief case, and when not using it at public launches, sits in his office in his boxers, incessantly banging on it, and giggling like a schoolgirl as he does so…

  2. Nah, maybe the original blue button has been spraypainted (re branded) to match NBNco’s corporate colour :)

    • What’s even more comical is watching them do it live. Gillard, Conroy et al are fully aware of how utterly hokey it is, especially when they press the button and this loud and impressive-sounding rendered video whooshes around onscreen as though they really did just turn on the NBN.

      That said, the news media eat this sort of stuff up and the scrum of camera-wielding network types could block out the sun. The pollies could deliver a comprehensive policy platform spelling out the cure for cancer and a workable solution for world peace at one of these launches, and the networks would still run with that bloody orange button being pressed.

    • LOL… look alain cracked a funny, +1…

      What makes it even more worthy is, as opposed to normal, this comment was actually meant to be comical…!

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