Photos: Conroy enjoying himself at NBN launch


Last week, Communications Minister Stephen Conroy attended an event held by Nextgen Networks in Mulgrave, Victoria, to mark the halfway point in the completion of the National Broadband Network Regional Backbone Blackspots Program, which is seeing fibre rolled out in remote locations around Australia. We think the photo above is a classic — up there with the Minister’s big red button moment.

In the third picture it’s Conroy along with Peter McGrath (managing director, Leighton Telecommunications) and Peter Harrison (general manager, Nextgen Networks) — left to right.

Image credit: Nextgen Networks


  1. “One ring of this bell and all the magic of the internets will start flowing out the portal” said the Minister.

  2. And in almost related news, 200 Gb quota @ 8 Mb/s for less money arrives on Friday at our local exchange. Kudos to Internode for squeezing the Telstra lemon.

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