BACK OFF, Quigley tells Turnbull, media:
The NBN hasn’t been hacked


blog NBN Co chief executive Mike Quigley has conducted a fiery interview with ABC Radio where he takes an axe to some of the more flagrant articles published this week after the arrest of an alleged intruder into the systems of planned NBN customer Platform Networks. Says a clearly angry Quigley (it’s worth listening to the full interview):

“I’d like to be absolutely clear about this hacking incident that took place with Platform Networks and I’d like to respond to what is a bunch of provocative headlines that I’ve seen over the last 24 hours. Headlines such as “Self taught hacker charged over NBN attack” which came from the ABC or “NBN hack charges” from The Daily Telegraph, or “More arrests to come over NBN hacking” which was in The Australian. Or even as I saw this morning, Sky News and the “NBN hacking scandal”.

I want to be very clear if I can with you listeners; the NBN was not hacked. It has not been compromised. It hasn’t been placed at risks and our security hasn’t been breached. So each one of these headlines is wrong.”

Quigley argues that either an organisation has been hacked or it hasn’t been hacked — and in this case, no NBN Co assets have been touched. And the NBN chief also reserved a parting shot for Shadow Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who said the alleged hacker had been able to map much of the NBN’s existing infrastructure. “That statement is factually incorrect. Our network was not mapped,” said Quigley.

The full interview is worth a read. For what it’s worth, we can’t agree more. As we wrote yesterday, we’ve been embarassed by the poor reporting on this issue this week, and Quigley is quite right to stand NBN Co’s ground in the face of such overwhelming nonsense emanating from some elements of the press and the Opposition.

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  1. Yes, Quigley is right and is telling the absolute truth . . . . in this instance.

    But what about the lies that the NBN is built on !

    The lies Quigley propagates and is happy to see permeate the media and the public.

    When you yourself is selective about the truth, your credibility is destroyed.

    [edited due to potential defamatory claims — Renai]

    • “The lies Quigley propagates and is happy to see permeate the media and the public”

      Such as?

      “When you yourself is selective about the truth, your credibility is destroyed.”

      You do know that arguing about truth is a philosophical one don’t you? However, there are facts that are known, and racts that may be true, that are not known. Quigley didn’t fact check, that’s his fault. Once he fact checked, he corrected himself. His credibility is intact.

      Oh, i nearly forgot, especially if your a known facilitator of giving out bribes. Ouch.

      Not proven at any level. Please take the FUD elsewhere.

  2. Hey there Reality Check,

    you’ll note I just deleted one of your comments. That’s because you were being a flagrant asshole. FYI, Delimiter is an asshole-free zone. We try to be polite here ;) I recommend you follow this rule and post informative and entertaining (but not abusive) comments, or else I will ban you.


    Delimiter Overwatch

    • Technically speaking, we all have assholes here, so I think you should rethink that policy ;)

      • Speak for yourself – I work too long and hard to have an arsehole. This saves me wasting time going to the toilet.

        Now back on topic… oh, this WAS th topic, wasn’t it.

        Onya Quigs!

    • Hey Renai,

      Whose Kabana boy are you this weekend, The known bribe facilitator Quigley, or the legislative blackmailer Conroy.

      I think you really slipped up this time. The people who read my comments before you deleted them all have witnessed you blatant corruption.

      You may not be a hacker for Murdock but your definitely Hack.

      p.s. 41 NBN subscribers from 6000 + mainland connections. Wow what a staggering failure.

      • mehhhh….you should do exactly what your handle says….get a reality check.

        • I think too Salami, he’s got one of his many monikers mixed up…from above

          p.s. 41 NBN subscribers from 6000 + mainland connections. Wow what a staggering failure.

          From earlier today!

          Backslider Posted 30/07/2011 at 2:50 am | Permalink | Reply

          THE National Broadband Network has just 41 active customers at its two operating mainland test sites, despite more than 6000 homes having been connected to the grid.


  3. My opinion goes much further in that many journo’s simply have no idea what they are talking about and as not many other journo’s know either no journo is laughing at a colleague who clearly has ‘foot in mouth’

    Yesterday on ‘The World Today”, Elanor Hall was interviewing Mike Quigley

    “ELEANOR HALL: Isn’t it semantics though to argue that the NBN wasn’t hacked when it is simply that it wasn’t connected yet?”

    I near on crashed the car when I heard that.

    ELEANOR HALL: Will you end your contract with Platform Networks on the basis of this hacking?

    ELEANOR HALL: Given that Platform Networks has been hacked, why won’t you end your contract with them?

    And with that I was yelling at the radio thinking if the ABC gets hacked does that mean their upstream ISP (Telstra/Optus/Whoever) is at fault? Should said ISP terminate any business contracts they have with the ABC?

    With journo’s not knowing the definitions (good and bad) of a hack and hacker it makes things very difficult indeed, time to send mainstream media to hackingz sch00l & to learn moar about the subject before reporting on it. You can dig up many cases of reporting gone wrong in regards to the terms hack, hacker and hacking this year from any of the ‘populous’ stories to have hit the headlines.

    I also expect much more from Fairfax’s Asher Moses whose article yesterday in Fairfax sites around the web does not help in defining the term with a table embedded in his article:-

    Black hat – Hackers who use their skills to attack networks
    White hat – Hackers who use their skills for help companies be secure

    Seriously WTF! Even if you translate this atrocious grammar you are still asking yourself WTF?

    Black Hat == malicious goals | White Hat == non-malicious

    More Info on the various definitions of hack, hacking & hacker if you are peeking at this comment and actually wanting MOAR!

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