Apple ready to talk Australian prices


blog Remember when Labor MP Ed Husic went on that epic rant in Federal Parliament several months ago about what he saw as the inflated prices that Apple Inc is charging for its goods in Australia, compared with in the US?

Well, up until now Apple hasn’t wanted to discuss the matter — the company hasn’t issued a statement to the media, hasn’t responded to Husic, has basically ignored the whole situation. But now, according to Husic, that’s all about to change:

We can’t help but feel that Apple will just feed Husic the corporate line about pricing (‘variations about cost structures in-country, local market conditions’ etc). But it will certainly be interesting to see what it has to say.

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  1. After a minor online ‘incident’ last week I queried Adobe on the massive price differences between the Aus and the US online stores. Serious, check out the mark up,it will blow you away. The canned response I recieved was

    I find that last one very illuminating.

    • agreed, Apple is great compared to the likes of Adobe. 50-200% over the US version for no apparent reason. Oh and you can’t purchase from the US store and be legally licensed. Didn’t we get a free trade agreement?

    • Third attempt to post this reponse from Adobe.
      Are they running this board by any chance???? ;-)

      Just so you know, there are many factors that decide pricing like ‘the cost of doing business in each country’ and the ‘difference in the perceived value of the product’.

  2. ‘difference in the perceived value of the product’.

    Which mean because we have less options/competition they feel they can charge us more.

    • ‘difference in the perceived value of the product’.

      dumbest excuse i have ever heard. for anything, ever. who exactly is making this perception? users? adobe/apple?

      it isnt just apple, as much as i hate them, the WP7 marketplace is no better.

  3. From my observations of US companies, most think the US is the ‘center’ of the universe and all other countries are islands with no real use!
    They do not see the market as a GLOBAL market.
    There are plenty of companies like this and when I purchase I try to say I am from the US and pay US$ (obviously for downloadable programs only).
    I think that’s why I appreciate Open Source software too, created by individuals from all countries and having a higher value than money.

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