Video: Quigley hits the 7:30 Report


blog We encourage you to check out this excellent interview 7:30 (previously the 7:30 Report) conducted with NBN Co chief executive Mike Quigley, in the wake of the company’s problems negotiations with contractors to roll out fibre around the nation and the questions raised about any role Quigley and NBN Co CFO Jean-Pascal Beaufret may have had in Alcatel-Lucent’s bribery allegations.

We think the man acquits himself well — dealing with the spurious Alcatel allegations brusquely and providing a realistic yet diplomatic view of NBN Co’s ongoing negotiations with both construction partners and Telstra.

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    • if it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck then it must be duck.

      I would find it difficult to believe they’re not brothers, they look almost identical. The only bio’s via google say John was born in WA and Mike was born in the UK though they’re only 5 years apart in age.

      It would be a freakish coincidence if they weren’t related.

      • Hey Brett… yeah I thought the same thing straight away… Quigley & Quigley????

        But surely if there was a connection there’d be a disclaimer somewhere, or one of the journo’s would have asked and written the obvious? I.e. in case you were wondering Mike and John are/aren’t related…!

        Also, we know what those, who daily oppose the NBN, are like. And if there was/is a connection they would have (or still will) try to make it all as sinister and clandestine as possible..I’m sure…!

  1. I thought it was a pretty poor interview by the 7:30 report. They kept pushing the same tired questions which Quigley has already answered many times publicly on the record. However I guess it gives a chance for the general public to get a better understanding of how stupid the notion that he should have mentioned criminal activities of other employees at his previous place of employment , that had absolutely nothing to do with him.

    As for the construction of the NBN itself, it was like Chris was trying to catch Quigley out on budget blow-outs and hold-ups, rather than ask genuine questions about progress of the roll-out.

    I still enjoyed watching Quigley answer the questions with his usual no-nonsense articulate logical responses, but I wanted to hear more positive questions regarding the roll-out and where things go from here.

    • @Simon Reidy

      “it was like Chris was trying to catch Quigley out on budget blow-outs and hold-ups, rather than ask genuine questions about progress of the roll-out.”

      Oh I see, a ‘genuine question’ as defined by you is one that doesn’t ask awkward questions, but one that asks feel good stuff about the progress of the rollout.

      I also assume in reference to the rollout progress asking questions about the uptake in Tasmania and Brunswick in Victoria and the failed build tender process are not ‘genuine questions’ either.

      • This was four days ago alain. Did it take you that long to think up a response? My life has moved on now. Go troll someone else. You’re not baiting me with your bullshit any more.

        • Beats coming up with a proper response I guess, ‘my life has moved on’ that’s a classic.

          • As opposed to you, desperately searching threads to troll, I have a life outside of the internet. Wasting time talking to someone of your mentality is just not a priority sorry.

            I could give you a “proper response” but why would I bother? You have never listened to a single argument that wasn’t exactly in line with your right wing agenda. You’ve never conceded anything, never acknowledged someone when they make a valid point, you post under multiple usernames to support your own arguments, you’ve never admitted you were wrong, and spend all you time arguing against every single aspect of the NBN.

            Therefore I’m not bothering with you from now. Get it?

          • So someone disagrees with you and is therefore a troll?, I don’t mind a good argument but taking the easy way out with with personal attacks as in ‘someone of your mentality’ is the lazy option.

            “Therefore I’m not bothering with you from now.”

            Go for it, care factor from me is a big fat zero.

  2. What rubbish,

    For a start the project has just confirmed a BLOWN OUT of almost 50%.

    From 8 years to nearly 12 years. (11.75 to be exact)

    Bring on the election !

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