Geek bakers at NBN Co … we salute you


According to NBN Co’s Twitter account, the organisation is having a fundraiser today to raise money for DCH Animal Adoptions … complete with NBN cake. Yes, that is a cake in the shape of a network termination unit.

The original model can be seen here:

Image credits: NBN Co and Michael Wyres


    • Jesus, I’ve been waiting half an hour already, but none of the troll commenters have responded to this — what is the world coming to??

  1. My current cake is perfectly fine. What could ANYONE want with this cake? Who is paying for this? Us and our children!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. that cake looks half-baked just like the NBN.

    you can’t have your budget surplus and eat it too.

    [on a serious note: that “cake” looks seriously unappetising.]

  3. Malcolm to TA… “Tony, stop trying to plug your 8 track cartridges into that cassette player thingy…”!

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