Who is this “Max Pesh”?


Perhaps, Mr Conroy, you mean Mark Pesce?

Video credit: Nick Hodge


    • +1 Poor Conroy. He gets it right on so many things, but continuously says the stupidest things in interviews. He needs to hire someone specifically to speak for him. Or better yet be replaced altogether by Kate Lundy!

      • Well, I wouldn’t go as far as saying “he gets it right on so many things” – he’s just picked up the original 2004/2005 Telstra report commissioned by the Howard Government in which the FttN, and FttP proposals were laid out, and run with it.

        Anyone who thinks that an http-based filter can stop people from accessing stuff online is not going to be able to dream up a FttP network.

        • I hear you, but he was the one, along with Rudd that decided the only way to bring a ubiquitous broadband network to Australia was by cutting Telstra out of the picture and upgrading the plan to FTTH. That in my mind is one of the boldest and most courageous moves in political history. He’s either going to labelled a legend if the NBN succeeds, or the worst telecommunications minister ever if it fails. That’s a visionary and bold direction to take, no matter what you think of the man.

          When it comes to his retarded ideas about internet filtering (and getting terminology and people’s names right ) well that’s another matter altogether… :)

          • Yes it was brave, but he kind of had to, because Trujillo and Burgess had him by the nuts – it was either play Telstra’s game, cut them out, or do nothing.

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