Oh dear: Longhaus outs 2010 bloopers reel


We’re big fans of Queensland-based analyst firm Longhaus here at Delimiter — and especially their stellar Longhaus TV offering which brings an entertaining and informative video spin to Australia’s technology sector.

However, as everyone who has spent any time filming video knows, there are always plenty of screwed up takes before the perfect one hits. For a while there we thought Longhaus MD Peter Carr had dodged a bullet by allocating the intro blurb to research director Sam Higgins; but then Pete got his turn as well. What was that Pete — “Ham Siggins”?

Oh dear :) Anyway, despite the bloopers, great effort on Longhaus TV in 2010, guys — and we’re looking forward to a great 2011. And on a more sombre note, let’s hope the studio survives the Queensland floods OK. Best wishes and good luck to everyone up in Queensland during this tough time.

Image credit: Delimiter screenshot of Twitter site