Oh dear: The top ten funniest Conroy YouTube videos


There’s been plenty of serious analysis of Stephen Conroy’s performance as Australia’s Communications Minister. He has been lauded for some significant achievements — for example, getting the National Broadband Network policy through cabinet — as well as been damned by many for his internet filtering policy.

But sometimes it’s worth taking a lighter look at how some sections of the Internet — notably, the denizens of YouTube — have portrayed the politician. So we’ve scoured the video sharing site for our favourite videos.

In the first video, Conroy describes what technology he’s using to aid in the 2007 election campaign.

In the second video, Conroy attempts a joke during a National Press Club luncheon.

Conroy talking about how the Russian mob forced the Government to block a dentist in Queensland:

Conroy comments on Anonymous’s attempt to take down the Federal Government in protest against the internet filter policy.

Conroy’s appearance in what may not be an official MasterCard ad.

Conroy is like a boss in this video.

Conroy doesn’t look impressed with Internode network engineer Mark Newton, an opponent of internet filtering.

Conroy on how the Queensland Police have “cracked peer to peer”.

Conroy appears in a Downfall parody video, registering his objection to the registration of the domain name stephenconroy.com.au.

Secret email bust!

And lastly as a bonus (because you’ve probably already seen it), Conroy describes how “spams and scams that come through the portal” are infecting Australians.

Oh dear.

(Videos collated by Jenna Pitcher and Renai LeMay)


  1. There could be a long running satirical TV series about the Communications Minister That Could, surely. I coughed up my coffee at his spams or scams statement again.

    • Yeah I have watched the “spams or scams” think about ten times now. Every time I can’t help laughing. You get a similar effect from the Russian mob thing … after a few seconds you start going … WTF is he talking about?

      Normally Conroy is quite articulate on normal subjects … I have sat through quite a few of his speeches. But when he starts to talk directly about technology he can get himself into trouble. He seems to understand people, industry, government, regulation and so on but not the technology itself.

        • I think he just doesn’t consider technology personally as being that important … I think it’s something he would prefer his staff to look after etc. But he does know how to email and so on, and he has an iPhone. So all hope is not lost ;)

  2. I was considering to ask ninemsn or Yahoo7 whether it was their portal that the spams came from … but don’t think I would get a good response ;)

  3. I remember, in the lead-up to the 2007 election Conroy came to our suburb and held a public meeting in the church hall. As a self-confessed tech-nut and lover of all things PC (‘Personal Computer’, not ‘Politically Correct’, lol), I just sat there shaking my head at his total lack of knowledge on the subjects of networking, broadband and general computing. The guy is an idiot, and now Julia G. has taken over, let’s hope she cleans house and gets someone into the BCDE portfolio that knows what they’re talking about!

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