AJ Lucas drills down into Oracle ERP


Infrastructure and mining services group AJ Lucas has signed contracts with US technology giant Oracle to build a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform and with Oracle partner CSG to provide hosting and managed services around the technology.

“The ERP project is a business process transformation project which will provide AJ Lucas with a fully integrated system and database for all its core processes,” the company said in a statement issued today.

The company’s chief executive Allan Campbell — who did not immediately return a call requesting comment on the matter — said the initiative was “not a technology project”. “It is a major strategic initiative to align the company’s systems and processes to match the business process and requirements of our major clients,” he said.

The project, Campbell said, was expected to drive new efficiency initiatives throughout the whole company, with AJ Lucas expecting to be able to eliver a more competitive client-focused service for its customers.

CSG will host the application, as well as providing “fully managed services, including disaster recovery facilities”.

AJ Lucas did not disclose much about what business outcomes the project was exactly intended to deliver, how the services had previously being provided or how much it would cost. But it did disclose the timeframes, saying phase one the platform was expected to go live by June 2011, with the second and third phases slated to deliver extended capabilities and business intelligence sometime after that point.

Further information about the project direct from AJ Lucas chief information officer Simon Soon is also available at CIO Australia.

Image credit: Dani Simmonds, royalty free