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Australian software developers have always been quite interested in developing for the Apple iPhone platform, and many of them have made the shift to producing apps for the iPad. We’ve scoured the databases and the media reports to find all we can.

Note that we haven’t included apps here that are developed in Australia but intended for the global market, such as Flight Control HD, just apps that focus on Australia. If you know of other apps for Australia, drop us a line at renai@delimiter.com.au and we’ll add them to the list. We’ve left some of the descriptions here intact from the Apple store where we felt they were the most appropriate way to describe the app.

APC Magazine: iPad app of the popular Australian technology magazine.

The Australian: iPad app of the newspaper owned by News Ltd.

Marine Australia HD: Marine charting application.

Time BOM: Weather sourced from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) and displayed with local time.

tvGuide: View current and upcoming listings across Australian television channels. Data stored locally for offline viewing.

Australia iPlane Pro/Lite:Flights’ arrival and departure time, gate number, airline’s flight number, latest status, and destination are synchronized with the iPad.

The Chaser: iPad app of the popular magazine and television series.

Memory-Map: Outdoor GPS and allows user to navigate with topographical maps, street maps or marine charts in Australia or New Zealand.

National Australia Bank: Internet banking, find nearest ATM or branch, exchange rates & interest rates.

BOM Radar HD: Australian weather radar to view the BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) weather radar information located through Australia.

Mobile Agent: Mobile Agent is a real estate browsing experience from Harcourts Real Estate. This application shows property for sale and rent in Australia.

Australia Facts: Australia Facts provides comprehensive facts on the different regions of Australia. The user can easily navigate using the touchable map to find information on every region. History,Language,Transport,Geography, Maps,Main Cities, population etc are provided so that it can be at your fingertips anytime.

Callistemon, Bottlebrush: Pattern pack contains all the information you need to paint your own striking spray of Australian Bottlebrush onto any surface.

Eucalyptus, Gumnuts: This pattern pack contains all the information you need to paint your own beautiful bunch of Eucalyptus gumnuts and blossoms on any surface.

History: Maps of Oceania: An a educational collection of high-resolution historical maps about Oceania.

LawPad: Allows users to access current Commonwealth Act compilations from the Commonwealth of Australia’s ComLaw web site.

Fires NSW: Data is sourced from the NSW Rural Fire Service. It’s not expected to be updated real-time, to the minute, but updates generally occur through the day.

iFirelert AUS: All the latest fire updates and information from the Victorian CFA, Western Australian FESA, South Australian CFS, Tasmanian TFS and the New South Wales RFS are displayed.

Sydney Traffic: Access to the traffic web cams in Sydney. When the application starts up, it checks current location and automatically selects the closest camera. Can also select a camera by name from a list of all cameras and can bookmark cameras.

Sydney Street Map: Also available: Melbourne; Canberra; Surfers Paradise/Gold Coast street maps.

Lasoo: Lasoo is a shopping app which helps you to search across catalogues, products, retailers and brands from thousands of outlets.

The Monthly: The iPad app of the popular Australian magazine. It is a free app that comes with one issue, subsequent issues are available for AUD $4.95 (almost half the print edition cost). If you purchase an issue on either iPad or iPhone, you receive it free on the other device.

Image credits: Delimiter screenshots of the Apple iTunes App Store


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  2. Have been amused in walking around town in Sydney how the much vaunted slick Apple marketing machine could only come up with the New York Times as a way to localise their launch here. (-:

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