Calling Conroy an idiot won’t stop the filter


Getting rid of Conroy won’t get rid of the filter — it’s not just a personal thing, it’s endorsed by Cabinet. Attacking him in the hope that his unlikely removal would kill the proposal is just a waste of time.

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  1. That is untrue. Once public opinion turns completely against him, and they sack him, then the Cabinet will be quick to distance themselves from him.

    This is a personal crusade that Conroy is trying to force on the rest of us. Unfortunately Cabinet, like Conroy, fail to fully understand the situation.

    • I think you have a fair point Christian. Conory is seen as the chief proponent of the filter. Personal attacks against him are likely to have some degree of success if they have a basis — you need only look at the impact of similar attacks in South Australia on former Attorney-General Michael Atkinson.

      Of course, in that case, the attackers were able to prove Atkinson was hypocritical — something that has yet to be done in Conroy’s case ;)

      Of course, personal attacks are a bit unseemly in public discourse.

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