ACS settles with former CEO Denham


The Australian Computer Society has issued a one paragraph statement stating that it has settled the lawsuit filed by its former chief executive Kim Denham after she was sacked in May 2009.

“The Australian Computer Society and former CEO Ms Kim Denham wish to advise that the matters in dispute between them have been settled to the satisfaction of both parties. The terms of this settlement will remain confidential and no further comment will be made by either party,” said the group in a statement on its web site this afternoon.

The ACS describes itself as the recognised association for ICT professionals in Australia.

In court documents, has reported, Denham had claimed that the ACS had acted in a misleading and deceptive way when it terminated her employment after a year and four months, given that she believed she would have at least a three-year tenure. She had also claimed losing the job had cost her pay and expenses and damaged her reputation.

The ACS’ current CEO, Bruce Lakin, was appointed in November.