Brisbane wins 2011


news Australia’s flagship Linux and open source conference will be in held in Brisbane next year, it was reportedly announced in the closing stages of this year’s event in Wellington last week. moves between Australian cities each year, with cities encouraged to bid for the honour of holding the event. The conference — which typically attracts a crowd of global Linux luminaries such as the operating system’s founder Linus Torvalds — was last held in Brisbane in 2002.

Multiple outlets (Lifehacker, ITWire) reported the announcement, as well as a number of Twitter users.

The Brisbane bid team has set up a site, Follow the Flow, where the open source community can make suggestions for the 2011 conference, with the top suggestion to win free professional registration to 2011.

“… it is probably obvious we don’t yet have a huge lot in the way of firm plans for LCA 2011. It is after all a year away, and besides we have been very busy buying ourselves new tee shirts to celebrate the win. It has been a lot of fun,” the site states with tongue in cheek. “Well it was, right up until someone pointed out there is more to winning LCA than getting tee shirts.”