Jetstar pushes into IT outsourcing, BYOD


blog There’s been a flurry of IT-related news issued by low-cost Qantas brand Jetstar this morning. Firstly, and most interestingly, iTNews, has published a video (and corresponding interview, click here for the full story) with Jetstar chief information officer Stephen Tame discussing the airline’s new Bring Your Own Device scheme, which features an allowance structure:

Secondly, the Financial Review has reported (we recommend you click here for the full article) that Jetstar will hand some IT outsourcing work to Mahindra Satyam as part of an existing deal with local IT services company Lincom Solutions.

It’s fascinating to see Tame, who we generally consider one of Australia’s most innovative and nimble chief information officers, continue to push Jetstar in interesting directions. From Google Apps to getting rid of physical desktop phones, to renting iPads to airline passengers and now BYOD and interesting IT outsourcing moves, it appears as though Tame never stands still. We believe many other CIOs could take a leaf out of his energetic, low-cost and nimble book.


  1. What a legend this guy is. If only more CIOs were as forward thinking and weren’t fixated on only supporting Internet Explorer and forcing staff through proxy servers that block every innovative web service.

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