(By popular demand. Cheers, Crikey)


    • @Bern, how’d you guess?

      In the smallest print possible, and with a completely neutral and nondescriptive headline, which was also as small as possible.

      I don’t mind freedom of speech, as long as it includes our right to say exactly what we think about lying corporates who full-on promote their self-interest.

  1. No how could this be?

    The NBN critics were saying we are simply biased against the Australian. Then add the rap over the knuckles for the Telegraph’s little NBN detracting episodes and they really make Huawei look like angels.


  2. I like how the emphasis (mentioning the incorrect value, TWICE, no less) is on the $value, and not on the correction.

    So it reads “The $200k cost, of which the school has to pay $200k .. something something is in fact not.” — so not so much a correction, as an amendment.

  3. thats a pretty big oops if you ask me. I bet the entire article was based on that one point.

  4. There is a certain cringe factor to the ease in which some Media Corporations manipulate their propaganda and still wiggle through loopholes of law so they can continue to do so with impunity. *shudder*

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