ISP and content industries ask Govt to place piracy code on ice


blog Remember that pesky Internet piracy industry code? The one that Attorney-General George Brandis and then-Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull asked the ISP and content industries to develop, on pain of having one developed for them? Well, it appears as though the code has more or less been permanently shelved at this point. Today iTnews reported (we recommend that you click here for the full article) that the two industries have joined forces to ask the Federal Government to postpone consideration of the code for a year. The site reports:

“Communications Alliance CEO John Stanton revealed at the CommsDay summit today that the two parties were now planning a joint approach to government to request the scheme be shelved for 12 months.”

To me, this move represents the fact that the ISP and content industries have not — after years and years of trying, been able to come to any agreement about the cost of administering this scheme, as well as the fact that both industries are very likely waiting to see whether the legislation to allow website blocking of piracy sites will succeed in affecting the issue through the courts.

Now the situation is to the new Communications Minister Mitch Fifield (who now has responsibility for copyright matters) as well as Turnbull to resolve: If, that is, they still care to.


  1. Govt bluff: “Solve it yourselves or we’ll solve it for you”


    ISPs & Content Industry: “OK, you solve it”

    Farnsworth: Good news everyone. An official solution won’t be forthcoming for a few years, by which time it will be obsolete.

  2. The AU Government will just follow what ever they signed up too in the TPP.
    Because they are gimps.

    • This – the TPP obviates the need for the Government to come up with any justification themselves.

  3. No, please enforce a code and make it legally binding.

    Tighten the noose around your necks just a bit more… Don’t let us stop you.

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