Truth: The CSIRO is not Netflix: Science cannot be treated like a startup


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  1. *Sighs*

    It’s bloody embarrassing to be an Aussie with this bunch of Vandals and Visigoths wrecking the joint right now! We have made international headlines again for all the wrong reasons!

  2. I’m sure there is some kind of bean counter argument to be made for reducing the CSIRO’s funding….. Must be some kind of COST benefit analysis at play.

  3. While I agree with getting rid of the Climate Loonies, I had to laugh when Turnbull asked CSIRO to explain why they did it. Doh, Turnbull – you cut their funding – doofus!

    • “Climate loonies”?

      You mean atmospheric physicists yes? Because the CSIRO is somewhat conservative in its stance on climate change, in that it takes a strictly science position. Hardly “loony”.

    • With respect Peter I suggest you find out what is happening in the world, the Southern Hemisphere is insulated somewhat, but the effects eventually flow through.
      Look at what is happening in the US and The UK, I wonder how their active field mounted FTTN and HFC infrastructure is handling the massive floods, pity Louisiana, their previous Repub Governor did the conservative thing with tax cuts and benefits to the wealthy and big business doing massive damage and nearly bankrupting the State like Reagan and Bush did to the US, now they have no reserves and a multi Billion Dollar bill from Climate Change coming up

  4. “This is the result of the permeating culture evangelised by tech bros who think all the world’s problems can be solved with Silicon Valley thinking.”

    pre dot-com crash thinking, at that. in fact i wouldnt be surprised to see such a crash follow this asinine thinking.


    “The CSIRO chief takes his inspiration from the former chief talent officer of video-streaming transnational, Netfilx. A document from Patty McCord said that “Netflix leaders hire, develop and cut smartly, so we have stars in every position.” Marshall is taking a very Netflix-like attitude to CSIRO staff claiming that “It will be up to them if they stay and go.” NBN chief and former chair of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, Ziggy Zwitkowksy has come out in support of Marshall”

    Ziggy gives the thumbs up, must be good right?

  6. the CSIRO is just a sheltered workshop anyway. Despite all the hype, they are a total waste of money. We are better off without them, especially their “climate change” loonies.

    They didn’t invent WIFI, they merely created an incremental improvement, which handled reflected radio waves, and that was so many years ago, its an embarrassment to still be trumpeting it as the reason the CSIRO should be kept.

    If indeed they do anything valuable then private enterprise will pick up the work in an instant, I don’t see that happening though. Private enterprise aren’t going to throw away money so airhead academics can potter around doing nothing productive.

    • There’s just nothing like an ignorant LibTroll rant to provide amusement on a public holiday!

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