UK Govt flies Aussie tech startups to London in open bid to nick Aussie talent


blog So it’s come to this. Other first-world countries are pushing so hard to attract lucrative technology startups to their shores to grow their own digital economies that they are actually paying to fly Australian entrepreneurs overseas to check out the local scene. The Financial Review tells us (click here for the full article):

“Ten of our most promising fintech companies will be flown to London next month by the British government, which is trying to lure start-ups to the UK as the global war for innovation talent heats up. … Toby Heap, the managing director of fintech accelerator H2 Ventures, who will be on the London trip, said that “universally, entrepreneurs feel a lot of the schemes the UK has put in place have done wonders for their start-up ecosystem and Australia could take a leaf out of their book”.”

Meanwhile, Australia is squarely focused on building coal mines and trying to squelch investment in solar and wind farm renewable technology. Oh, and we’re not too impressed that our car manufacturing industry has headed south. Is anyone else sensing a disconnect here?


  1. The real pressing question is, will the damage be repairable by the next election?

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