Please update your Delimiter RSS feeds


hi everyone,

this is just a very quick post to alert readers that Delimiter is no longer actively using the Feedburner RSS subscription service.

As you may be aware, Feedburner used to be a very popular service that capably handled and formatted RSS feeds so that readers could be updated when there were new posts on websites. However, over the years it has become deprecated, and many people expect it to be eventually shut down. With this in mind, today I disabled Feedburner functionality on Delimiter.

From now, please update your RSS feeds for Delimiter to:

Whole site feed:
Comments feed:

You can actually follow RSS feeds for specific tags if you want to, as detailed in WordPress’s documentation here. For example:

NBN articles feed:

If you don’t update your links, for now the Feedburner feed will still work. However, if the service eventually shuts down, you’ll lose your Delimiter drip-feed. And we wouldn’t want that ;)

Kind regards,

Renai LeMay
Editor + Publisher, Delimiter


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