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blog This afternoon I received the following press release from NEC Australia. However, unfortunately I have no idea what it means. Can anyone tell me? The problem appears to be the sheer number of buzzwords inserted into the one press release — I can’t tell the content from the buzzwords.

“Today, NEC Corporation globally announced the latest generation of its Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) software, UNIVERGE 3C. UNIVERGE 3C aligns with enterprise Information Technology strategies to virtualise business collaboration services providing solutions for enterprise, data centres and cloud environments. This supports NEC Australia’s push into cloud communications solutions, following significant investment and major growth in this area.

In mid-2012, NEC Australia will launch an enterprise software solution based on the NEC UNIVERGE 3C architecture that offers access to communications virtually anywhere, anytime on any device. This solution will provide customers its next generation model of cloud communications, a software-based video, voice and text UC platform adaptable to private, hybrid and public cloud. The distributed software architecture offers a secure, resilient and service oriented user-centric application that improves end-user productivity and increases customer satisfaction. It will provide current and future NEC customers with an enhanced set of collaboration services that will protect their existing and future technology investments.

NEC Australia’s expansion into the market as a cloud communications systems integrator is supported by a proud track record spanning over 40 years of engineering success and service delivery and support to Australian organisations, both large and small.”

Anyone? I think it has something to do with cloud computing? Or maybe unified communications? I’m not really sure.

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    • Which is a shame, because basic marketing theory espouses marketing as a process (not a department) that involves all aspects of the business, especially engineering. But only a rare few seem to get it right, and even then it doesn’t seem to last more than a decade or so.

  1. hey everyone,

    I just wanted to make the point that while this release is at the bad end of the scale, it is not in any way unusual. I receive media releases like this every day or so. This is just a particularly poor example ;)


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