What’s your favourite beer?


thread of the day Over on the Delimiter forums, talk of the National Broadband Network has quietened down while another, far more serious issue has been being debated since last Friday afternoon: What is everyone’s favourite beer? And judging from the results, you are all a bunch of picky bastards with expensive tastes.

As a noted beer connoisseur myself, I’ve drunk expensive beers from the world around — and Delimiter’s office even used to be located next to a boutique bottleshop. However, even I haven’t heard of some of the varieties of beer which y’all appear to be drinking on a daily basis. Sounds like I need to get myself down to Dan Murphy’s and get myself educated. Article posting may be … slow over the next week :)

Image credit: Bernt Rostad, Creative Commons


  1. Actually the coopers red pictured is my favorite, hands down, and i’ve drunk a LOT of beer =P

  2. Actually, come to think of it … I enjoyed vast quantities of free beer at uni. Then, for a short time, I worked in IT and the free beer dried up. Then, however, I became a journalist and the taps runneth over. Career choice FTW!

  3. I’m not a big drinker, but typically BlueTongues. If you get a chance on a weekend take a drive to the little brewery restaurant they’ve got in the Hunter Valley, great place to have lunch and down a couple :)

  4. Right now you can beat the Sierra Nevada stuff which has made it’s way to Dan Murphy’s from the West Coast of the US probably due to the high Aussie dollar.

    The Pale Ale and Torpedo IPA are delicious and hoppy.

  5. The one in my hand? Toohey’s Pils – now Discontinued. Sail & Anchor Seven Sea’s – Now Discontinued. Sigh

  6. The one in my hand? Toohey’s Pils – now Discontinued. Sail & Anchor Seven Sea’s – Now Discontinued. Sigh

    • You can obtain Tooheys Pils from any other Pilsener by watering it down to 50% and adding a handful of sugar

  7. The one in my hand? Toohey’s Pils – now Discontinued. Sail & Anchor Seven Sea’s – Now Discontinued. Sigh

  8. International beers – Duvel. I love a nice strong Belgian ale.

    Domestically – Little Creatures Pale Ale and Bright Ale and Coopers Stout.

  9. Do enjoy the James Squires range. Monteiths Winter ale. love IPAs, those Erdingers are good. Little creatures belongs on the list, there are a few good second stringers too, the Burleigh brewery stuff, Gage road, so on. Dan Murphy is a good way to go for some of the more niche beers that you wont see elsewhere…. definitely give some of them a try :D

  10. I’m going to do the unthinkable and mention an American beer… it’s sad that a lot of great American beers are done a disservice by swill like Budweiser… Both the Samuel Adams and Yuengling beers are fantastic..

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