Oh dear: Takedown fail … Ebbeck style


blog We have to admit to being a closet fan of the Twitter account of SAP Australia MD Tim Ebbeck … sure, he can act a little unhinged at times, with his regular political ramblings, random inspirational quote posting and somewhat incendiary replies to other public figures who may not always know who he is. But it’s all entertaining. Take this little attempted takedown, for example, directed at San Francisco-based tech analyst Ray Wang, who has a modest 13,610 followers.

Of course, Wang might have given Ebbeck’s jibe a little more credence if he had any idea who he was talking to.

Better fill out that profile, Tim — or you’ll get more replies like this ;)

Image credits: Screenshots of Twitter


  1. I reckon he must’ve Google him first, cause that reply is too good to be innocent :-)

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