Startmate startups featured on TechCrunch


blog Let’s have a round of applause for the first round of Australian technology startups to be launched through the Y Combinator-style incubator Startmate created in 2010 by a number of former and current entrepreneurs and funding types. TechCrunch writes:

The startups are currently in the midst of their American tour and are slated to stay in Silicon Valley through March 30th, though some have elected to prolong their stay, said Startmate co-founder Niki Scevak. Silicon Valley tends to have that effect.

We encourage you to click through and check each startup out. They are:

So do any of the startups’ products look particularly amazing? Not truly — at least not yet. Broadly, they appear to be working in verticals that other companies are working in, with similar solutions. However, one of the chief differences between startups is how you actually execute. It’ll be interesting to see how this bunch evolves, and we wish them the best of luck.

Image credit: Nathan Sudds, royalty free


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