Atlassian snatches Bitbucket


Australia-headquartered software company Atlassian has made its first buy since taking $60 million in venture capital investment in July — picking up, a web-hosted service that has 60,000 users.

“This is a terrific day for Bitbucket and our customers,” said Jesper Noehr, CEO and co-founder at “Atlassian is committed to providing expanded services for our customers and supports everything we’re doing with distributed version control. They have an excellent track record with past acquisitions as far as strengthening the original brand in the market.” is a hosted code collaboration provider for the open source Mercurial distributed version control system (DVCS).

“Bitbucket has a very similar philosophy and a passion for building great tools to help software developers collaborate,” said Mike Cannon-Brookes, CEO and co-founder at Atlassian. “We think DVCS is one of the most important technologies being developed for software engineers, and Mercurial offers tremendous flexibility and power.”

“By joining forces, we’re able to accelerate improvements to the infrastructure, support, and bring on additional developers,” stated the Bitbucket website. Bitbucket employees will stay on and join the Atlassian team.

The acquired company released five new plans this week — starting from free for five users to $80 per month for unlimited users. Upgrade and downgrade options are available at anytime. A special offer is under way for $10/month for 10 users — the first year being free if customers sign up before 3 October.

There is a special plan of unlimited users and unlimited “repositories” for open source public projects. All plans – paid and free – have unlimited space and repositories.

Bitbucket’s customers will keep their accounts as is and enjoy more tools and better service as Bitbucket now has more resources to deliver better services and infrastructure, according to the company. Current customers have the ability to move to a new plan or be “grandfathered” to their current plans for a further 12 months.

Bitbucket has Tortoise Hg, Opera Software,Best Buy, Adium, Code Ignitor and Second Life developer, Linden Lab, on board as notable clients.

Founded in 2002 by Scott Farquhar and Cannon-Brookes, Atlassian hit it big in July this year when the company accepted a US$60 million investment from Accel Partners – a US venture capital firm. The company is looking to a future public listing in the US.

Image credit: Atlassian


  1. This is pretty welcome news amongst most developers I know. The changes to the free plan, specifically unlimited repositories and no size limitations for <5 users are killer. The consensus on hacker news seemed to be 'I hope bitbucket doesn't get enterprise-ey because of atlassian'.

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