Oh dear: Filter issue dogs Kate Lundy


You can’t blame Kate Lundy for trying. The Labor Senator is one of the most enlightened in her party when it comes to technology, and while she doesn’t always agree with some of its policies, she tries to make the best of a bad situation.

But sometimes you just can’t escape an issue that has tainted your party. And some Australians — like iiNet chief Michael Malone — feel very strongly about the internet filter.

Oh dear.

Image credits: Delimiter


  1. @Marty, no, every filter day is a bad news day, and will continue to be until the filter gets the ALP equivalent of being dead, buried and cremated. Guillardined? We live in hope.

  2. Escpecially with Conroy saying this sort of crap.
    “Today on 2CS, Conroy says he’ll “seek changes at censorship board level” to get around senate block.”
    He MUST go.

  3. That comment, incidentally, was intended as a compliment.

    From what I’ve seen of her in action, I have respect for Kate Lundy.

    By showing contempt for evidence-based policies, the idiotic ALP leadership doesn’t deserve the support of its own progressives.

  4. That’s exactly the dilemma that Internet-savvy voters are in with this election: vote for Labour and get the filter, or vote for Liberal and lose the NBN. Which do you value more: your Internet freedom or the ability for Australia to be part of global (Internet) commerce? I’m glad I’m not allowed to vote – it’s a hard choice!

  5. @Silvia Pfeiffer – No, it’s not a hard choice at all. Michael Malone has it right, it’s worth sacrificing the NBN to kill the filter.

  6. @RKA – I’d actually disagree. To me it sounds like you want to get rid of tollbooths in lieu of introducing new large roads that will bring Australia up to speed to compare with other countries of the world and actually take part in International business. I’d invest in infrastructure any day! I also don’t believe the filter will get up again – I have hopes that they will drop it, since they really should not want to slow down their new fast pipes this massively.

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