Fire & Rescue dumps GroupWise for hosted Exchange



blog Fire and Rescue NSW is rapidly developing a reputation — as its sister agency the former NSW Roads and Traffic Authority did a decade before it — for implementing innovative technology solutions to keep its far-flung operations afloat. In November last year it was revealed that the group had deployed some 400 Chromeboxes throughout its operations, and yesterday The Australian revealed more innovative moves on the email front. The newspaper reports (we recommend you click here for the full article):

“The move means the agency will replace Novell GroupWise with Microsoft Exchange in the cloud for email, according to chief information officer Richard Host.”

We’re not quite sure here what the precise nature of the solution is, but it looks like a hosted version of Microsoft Exchange rather than Microsoft’s Office 365 software as a service platform. That probably means Fire and Rescue NSW is buying the solution as a service from a local provider like Fujitsu. In any case, we’re sure Fire and Rescue’s employees be extremely pleased to finally exit the ageing GroupWise platform, and this kind of move is yet another encouraging sign that the entire NSW Government is highly interested in investigating cloud computing solutions right now. Nice one.

Image credit: a4gpa, Creative Commons