CenITex failure kills govt email for “up to a week”


blog The problems just keep coming for Victorian IT shared services agency CenITex. Today’s damning report into the beleagured organisation comes from The Age, which reports the organisation left thousands of government staffers without email and other IT systems for up to a week:

“To cope with last weeks problems, senior staff from the Department of Business have been assigned to work with CenITex, as well as staff from Fujitsu, the private company which once provided the services now supposed to be offered by the troubled agency.”

Further information is contained in a second article by The Age here. To be honest, nothing would really surprise us about CenITex these days, but we do have a fair degree of confidence in the organisation’s chief executive, Michael Vanderheide, who seemed a very capable sort when we interviewed him in his previous short-lived role as chief information officer at Victoria Police.


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