Alienware to hold Modern Warfare tournament


Dell high-performance gaming subsidiary Alienware has announced that it plans to hold an online Australian Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare gaming competition, dubbed the “Clan Challenge”, with the winners to be flown to Sydney for a grand final face-off.

Alienware is calling for Call of Duty gamers to sign up in clans of five members online, although individuals can also use the company’s site to gather a team via its forums. The competition will run from March 5 to April 8 online, with the eight top teams to be flown to Sydney for the final on April 17, with accommodation included.

The five gamers from the team that eventually wins will each pick up one of Alienware’s Aurora gaming desktop, as well as one of the company’s OptX 3D 23” monitors and an Alienware TactX mouse, keyboard and headset. Each prize pack is valued at $5,800. The Aurora line runs a 3.07Ghz Intel Core i7 CPU, along with 12GB of RAM and an ATI 5900 video card.

Alienware has partnered with local group CyberGamer Australia, which operates a number of gaming servers and hosts an online community of gamers. However, the servers being sponsored for the early competition aren’t CyberGamer servers – they are a bank of 200 Alienware-sponsored servers.

“This event is going to be the greatest event Australian e-sports has seen in years; epic in scale, epic in proportions, played out on epic gaming hardware. It’s a privilege to be involved, said CyberGamer business manager Richard Lawes in a statement issued by Alienware.

A gamer named Achala “Spachala” Mataraaratchi, who is the clan leader of click! Gaming!, said his clan felt honoured to take part in “the biggest tournament Call of Duty has ever witnessed in Australia.”

“Cybergamer and Alienware have really outdone themselves,” he said in the Alienware statement. “We cannot wait to compete with the best in Australia … Good luck to all the participants!”


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