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‘ABC did not gag Nick Ross’: MD Mark Scott tells Senate (full video)

The managing director of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation has categorically denied that the broadcaster "gagged" its former technology editor Nick Ross from reporting on the National Broadband Network, stating that it merely wanted the journalist to comply with its editorial policies in doing so.

Now Jason Clare writes to ABC over Nick Ross ‘gag’

Shadow Communications Minister Jason Clare has stated that he is "very concerned" about claims that the ABC gagged its former technology editor from reporting on the NBN, and has joined his Victorian counterpart Philip Dalidakis in demanding answers from ABC managing director Mark.

HANDS OFF NICK ROSS: Conroy warns the ABC and The Australian

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has harshly criticised both The Australian newspaper and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation for what he said were "outrageous" attempts to vilify and discipline senior ABC journalist Nick Ross for merely doing his job in comparing the Coalition and Government NBN policies.

DTO nicks Treasury CIO to be new COO

The Digital Transformation Office (DTO) has nabbed Peter Alexander, the current Chief Information Officer at the Treasury, as its new Chief Operating Officer.

‘Appalling treatment’: Vic IT minister to take Ross’s cause to ABC MD

Victoria's Innovation Minister has described the ABC's treatment of its former technology editor Nick Ross as "appalling" and has expressed a desire to meet with the journalist and take his case directly to the managing director of the broadcaster.

Medibank nicks ANZ exec to lead IT operations

Health insurer Medibank Private this week revealed it had nicked a senior IT executive from ANZ Bank who had also led IT for the UK’s National Health Service to lead Medibank’s IT operations.

Media Watch weighs in on Ross NBN coverage

We were pleasantly surprised with the conclusions which Holmes drew on last night’s program regarding the National Broadband Network coverage which ABC Technology + Games Editor Nick Ross has been generating over the past year.

Optus Business nicks new MD from Telstra

Telecommunications giant Optus announced yesterday that John Paitaridis would be the new Managing Director of Optus Business, a its division providing telecommunications and information and communications technology (ICT) solutions to businesses.

Asciano nicks Boral CIO

Ports and rail giant Asciano has established a new overarching chief information officer position, pinching the IT chief of Boral to fill the spot.

Vic IT Minister requests inquiry into “grave allegations” of ABC NBN gag

Victoria's Innovation Minister has written to the ABC's Managing Director requesting a meeting and internal investigation regarding what he described as "grave allegations" that the broadcaster had gagged its former technology editor Nick Ross from reporting on the National Broadband Network.

ABC tech reporter founds micro-transactions startup

Some of you may remember the name of Nick Ross, the editor of the ABC’s Technology & Games site who wrote several in-depth articles criticising the Coalition’s rival National Broadband Network project. Well, what you probably didn’t know is that Ross has also been spending a great deal of time and effort on a side project. Known as ‘Nanotransactions’, the project is micro-transaction technology which Ross hopes will “save high-quality journalism”.

A deep investigation into Telstra’s copper

Over at the ABC, technology + games editor Nick Ross (he of the 11,000 word articles on the subject and of the Media Watch coverage) has continued his deep investigation into the dynamics of the National Broadband Network under the Coalition, with a pair of articles published this week into the question of whether Telstra’s copper network can actually be used for fibre to the node, as the Coalition is planning to use it.

Turnbull faces questions on NBN journalist bullying

Shadow Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has faced a number of questions from the media over the past 24 hours as to whether his actions towards ABC journalist Nick Ross and others has constituted 'bullying' journalists with respect to the contentious National Broadband Network issue in his portfolio.

NBN on Media Watch tonight

Just a brief note to let everyone know that media coverage of the National Broadband Network is expected to be featured on Media Watch tonight, with a focus on the recent articles of ABC Technology + Games Editor Nick Ross and the controversy last week surrounding them. I would encourage all readers who have a view of this issue to contact Media Watch directly and make their opinion or analysis of the situation known.

Ten’s The Project whacks Turnbull with ABC article

The young presenters of Ten's The Project pointedly question Malcolm Turnbull about the Coalition's NBN plans, using information sourced directly from Nick Ross' controversial ABC article on the subject to do so.

The FTTN truth the Coalition does not want known

ABC Technology & Games editor Nick Ross is the only journalist in Australia so far to have gone into the appropriate level of detail in analysing the Coalition's rival NBN policy. And the Coalition should be very afraid of this fact indeed: Because his most recent NBN opus reflects a knockout blow for its disastrously flawed fibre to the node plans.

Is the Coalition’s NBN policy fundamentally different?

Is the Coalition's NBN policy fundamentally different to that of Labor? Yes, according to the ABC's Nick Ross. But others disagree.

The Frustrated State: Thank you to key supporters

The publication of The Frustrated State would not have been possible without the following individuals and organisations, who directly contributed $75 or more each to the book during its successful Kickstarter campaign.

ABC ignores damaging NBN leaks in lengthy Fifield interview

The ABC's political flagship Insiders failed to ask Communications Minister Mitch Fifield a single question about the National Broadband Network in an extensive interview yesterday, despite several damaging leaks regarding the project which dominated parliamentary debate over the past week.

Watch: Turnbull implies he complained to ABC about “failed” NBN coverage

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull appears to have implied that he made the same complaint to ABC management that he has previously made in public before the 2013 Federal Election, stating that the broadcaster had "failed" to provide balanced coverage of the competing National Broadband Network policies.

Political “untruths” poisoning the NBN, says Budde

Subjective political "untruths" have subverted the debate over the National Broadband Network policy, veteran telecommunications analyst Paul Budde said late last week, with "factual technical information" becoming polluted by false rationality.

ABC tech editor claims broadcaster “gagged” his NBN coverage

The ABC's outgoing technology editor today claimed he had been "gagged" by the broadcaster from publishing further articles about the National Broadband Network, after several initial articles heavily criticised the Coalition's Multi-Technology Mix model.

Turnbull dumps ABC spots; 7:30 dumps NBN talk

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has cancelled four scheduled appearances on various ABC television and radio shows over the past month, it emerged yesterday, as last night yet another ABC flagship cut short a discussion of Australia's largest ever infrastructure project, the NBN, with the portfolio minister responsible for it.

The ABC must now deal with its NBN problem

Over the past month, the evidence has become overwhelming that the ABC is actively censoring coverage of the National Broadband Network issue in a way that runs counter to the public interest. The broadcaster must now face the issue squarely and deal with it head-on, or run the risk of losing credibility with its highly informed and vocal audience.

Scott misleads Senate about Q&A’s NBN coverage

Mark Scott appears to have unintentionally misled the Federal Senate about the degree to which the broadcaster's Q&A program covers the National Broadband Network issue, with the ABC managing director yesterday erroneously claiming that Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull had faced "many questions" about the issue on the show.

Labor “surprised” by ABC’s NBN coverage

Labor MP Ed Husic this morning told the Federal Parliament that he was "surprised" by the ABC's coverage of the National Broadband Network issue, following news that several of the broadcaster’s flagship current affairs shows have largely ignored the issue recently and that it delayed a pro-NBN article by Lateline host Emma Alberici until after the Federal Election.

ABC insists NBN coverage “adequate, appropriate”

The ABC has issued a statement insisting its coverage of the National Broadband Network debate has been "adequate and appropriate", despite several of the broadcaster's flagship current affairs shows largely ignoring the issue and revelations that it delayed a pro-NBN article by Lateline host Emma Alberici until after the Federal Election.

ABC delayed Alberici’s pro-NBN article until after the election

The ABC delayed publishing an article by Lateline co-host Emma Alberici starkly critical of the Coalition's rival National Broadband Network policy until after the election, it has emerged, as questions continue to be raised about the public broadcaster's coverage of Australia's largest ever infrastructure project.

ABC flagships ignore Coalition NBN controversy

Several of the ABC's flagship current affairs programs are largely ignoring the Coalition's radical reshaping of Labor's popular National Broadband Network project, analysis has revealed, as debate continues to swirl about the public broadcaster's coverage of an initiative which constitutes Australia's largest ever infrastructure project.

Only at the movies? Home truths about cinema ticket pricing

In the last fortnight, senior executives from cinema operators in Australia, including Village Roadshow and Palace Cinemas, have come out defending their decision to raise movie ticket prices. But do their arguments hold water?

“Get fucked”: Turnbull staffer turns on blogger

One of Malcolm Turnbull's senior staffers has sent a popular Australian technology blogger a caustic email telling him to "get fucked" and informing him that "nobody takes your psychotic rantings seriously", as the relationship between Turnbull and sections of Australia's technology community continues to sour.

NBN support weakens in the electorate

A new poll has shown that 29 percent of Australians believe that new Prime Minister Kevin Rudd should either "dump" or "change" Labor's National Broadband Network policy, in news which could show that the Coalition's message that the project is too expensive and slow to deliver may be having an effect on the NBN's popular support.

Pro-NBN fanbois have fallen into bad habits

Like mindless junkies scrabbling for their latest fix, the virulent community of pro-NBN extremists in Australia's technology sector will do or say almost anything to prove the Coalition's NBN policy to be completely worthless, despite the fact that it shares most of its fundamental principles with Labor's own superior broadband vision.

Broken dreams: The NBN’s bubble has burst

With its rollout schedule significantly delayed yet again, its contractual and political relationships on the rocks and its transparency thrown out the window, it's apparent that NBN Co is not delivering the National Broadband Network the nation was promised. So what's the future of this great Australian dream?

Hypocrisy: The Australian attacks ABC’s NBN objectivity

The Australian this morning published several articles accusing a senior ABC journalist of failing to uphold the broadcaster's editorial standards in coverage of the National Broadband Network, despite the fact that the News Ltd newspaper and its commentators have themselves faced the same criticism from the print media watchdog and others in the past.

Abbott confirms Turnbull as future Comms Minister

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott confirmed over the weekend that he expected Malcolm Turnbull to become Communications Minister and have responsibility for the National Broadband Network project in a Coalition Government, following his time as Shadow Minister since September 2010.

Turnbull’s NBN media war blows back

This morning, long-time telco commentator David Braue skewers Turnbull for this ongoing war on the media, in the erudite fashion which Braue readers have become accustomed to.

‘Unbalanced’: Turnbull hammers ABC again on NBN

Shadow Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has again hit out at the reporting of the National Broadband Network debate by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, accusing the broadcaster of “superficial, misleading and unbalanced reporting” of the issue and detailing a litany of complaints about the ABC’s Lateline program specifically.

Copper network not “rooted”, says Telstra

The nation's largest telco Telstra has rejected unsubstantiated claims that its copper network was suffering a fault rate of up to 30 percent, pointing out that in October this year, only about 1.3 percent of its telephone lines nationally suffered any kind of fault, and that it invests hundreds of millions of dollars each year keeping it that way.

“Nonsense”: Turnbull rejects ABC’s FTTN criticism

Shadow Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has dismissed as “nonsense” claims by contracting companies deploying Labor’s National Broadband Network project that changing the project’s model to a fibre to the node rollout would be “an expensive, time-consuming hindrance”.

‘Partisan ideology’: Turnbull blasts pro-NBN ‘media apologists’

Shadow Communications Minister has taken a verbal pick axe to a number of ‘pro-NBN specialist commentators’ who he said were delivering a “partisan ideology” and helping “fantasy” triumph over fact in the ongoing national debate over the specific details of how Labor’s flagship National Broadband Network project should go ahead.

Turnbull accuses ABC of NBN “propaganda”

Malcolm Turnbull has accused the national broadcaster of creating “relentless propaganda” to support Labor’s flagship National Broadband Network, in a stance which the Shadow Communications Minister yesterday described as “embarrassing”.

Delimiter highly commended in awards

Hi everyone, happy Monday morning! *groan* ;) Just a quick note to let you know that while Delimiter didn't pick up any awards at the IT...

The Frustrated State: The Change Agent

Vladimir Lasky would be the first to admit that he hasn’t had a stereotypical, easy to predict career.

Senate votes against asking Govt to abandon Census fines

The Senate has voted against a motion asking the Federal Government to abandon fines for Australians who failed to complete their Census forms following a failure of the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) website on 9 August and concerns over the security of retained personal data.

Xenophon boycotts name details in census protest

Nick Xenophon, Independent Senator for South Australia, has said he will fight for the right to privacy by refusing to provide his name in the 2016 census, despite the risk of prosecution the protest will bring.

4.6 million jobs “at risk” without future-ready workforce

According to StartupAUS, an advocacy group for startups, up to 4.6 million Australian jobs may be at risk within a decade if Australia fails to create a future-ready workforce.

The election is over, and Fibre to the Node is here to stay

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has declared victory in the hard-fought Federal Election, in a move that ensures that the controversial Fibre to the Node technology which Turnbull personally favours is here to stay as a core part of the National Broadband Network.

Medibank CIO quits after five months for Suncorp

Banking and insurance giant Suncorp today revealed it had appointed Sarah Harland as its new chief information officer, just five months after the executive took up a similar position at health insurer Medibank Private.

WME, Appscore to add 70 tech jobs at new Melbourne HQ

Australian digital marketing agency Web Marketing Experts (WME) has announced that it will add 70 new jobs at its new Melbourne headquarters over the next 12 months – a figure that includes staff at its mobile-focused subsidiary Appscore.

Telstra launches new email platform for customers

Telstra has launched a new and improved email service for customers of its home broadband service.

Most remaining Dick Smith stores to close

With the exception of airport locations, all remaining Dick Smith and Move stores across Australia and New Zealand are to close, according to the receiving company Ferrier Hodgson.

Victorian Government sets up expert panel to boost innovation

The Victorian Government has set up an Innovation Expert Panel aimed to boost the state's position as an innovation and technology hub.

Farce: Apple Australia pays extra $4m of tax on $1.8bn revenue gain

US technology juggernaut Apple has revealed it only paid an extra $4.5 million worth of corporate tax in Australia in its 2015 financial year, despite the company making an extra $1.8 billion in local revenue, taking its local taxes to a paltry sum of $85 million off record Australian revenues of $7.8 billion.

Dick Smith administrator shuts David Jones stores, 181 staff affected

The administrator for Dick Smith Holdings has announced that it will shut down all the troubled retailer's outlets within David Jones department stores, leaving over 180 employees facing an uncertain future.

CIA cufflinks in the PM’s office? Turnbull hires Data Retention guru

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has reportedly brought in one of the chief architects of the controversial Data Retention legislation -- an advisor who was known to have worn CIA cufflinks into the Senate Chamber -- to act as one of his key security advisors.

Conroy needs to grow a set and censure Fifield for his NBN OPD nonsense

Stephen Conroy needs to stop dithering about with wishy washy attempts to extract basic information from the closed shop that the NBN company has become under the Coalition and actually use the full powers of the Senate to hold the Government to account over the tragic mess it has made of the project.

Late to the party: Vodafone still wants to provide fixed NBN services

Mobile telco Vodafone has confirmed it is still planning to eventually offer fixed broadband services over the National Broadband Network’s infrastructure, despite the fact that its trial over the NBN died a quiet death several years ago.

Qld’s Grant joins analyst firm IBRS

This week it emerged that Peter Grant, the two-time former Queensland Whole of Government CIO (pictured), has joined well-regarded analyst firm Intelligent Business Research Services (IBRS). We’ve long had a high regard for IBRS, and so it’s fantastic to see such an experienced executive join its ranks.

The NBN is in a regulatory hole: Time to stop digging

As the saying goes, when you are in a hole, stop digging. The NBN is looking like a large pit, and at present, everyone is digging in deeper.

Optus inks $19.5m satellite deal with Defence

SingTel subsidiary Optus this morning revealed it had inked a $19.5 million contract with the Department of Defence, extending its current relationship in delivering managed professional satellite services to the Department for four years until mid-2018.

HP, SA Govt, UniSA to create 430 Adelaide IT jobs

Global technology giant Hewlett Packard yesterday announced it would significantly expand its presence in Adelaide, creating about 430 high-end technology jobs over the next four years with the assistance of the University of South Australia and the South Australian State Government.

SPC Ardmona: Let’s replace these tin cans with high fibre

The Federal Government's decision to reject a $25 million plea for financial assistance for SPC Ardmona's troubled fruit processing plant in Shepparton should be seen in the context of the long-term and very necessary war to lessen the reliance of Australia's economy on legacy industries and to push it towards the next-generation of knowledge-based smart businesses.

When will Labor get serious about supporting its NBN policy?

The independent pro-fibre National Broadband Network movement is doing a far better job of promoting Labor's Fibre to the Premises-based NBN policy than Labor itself. When is Labor going to wake from its slumber and start supporting this scrappy but energetic grassroots network of activists?

Pro-NBN National Day of Action is tomorrow

Supporters of Labor's all-fibre vision for the National Broadband Network project have organised a national day of action for Tuesday 26 November, which will see thousands of Australians physically present Members of Parliament with copies of a 270,000-strong petition on the issue.

AFP monitoring phone data of MPs

When Greens Communications spokesperson Scott Ludlam said in January 2012 that he suspected law enforcement agencies of bugging his mobile phone, we criticised the Senator for making the claim without providing evidence of the claimed nefarious activity. But according to the ABC, the Australian Federal Police admitted in a Senate Estimates session this week that it had monitored various MPs’ communications.

‘You’re a disgrace’: Turnbull slams lecturer’s accurate NBN analysis

Communications Minister-elect Malcolm Turnbull has savagely attacked a University of Queensland lecturer for a seemingly innocuous article analysing rising online dissent towards the Coalition's NBN policy, inaccurately labelling the academic's article as "false" and "misleading", and claiming that it was "a disgrace".

NBN should be top Abbott priority: Poll

An online poll taken by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation this week has shown Australians overwhelmingly believe focusing on the National Broadband Network should be Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott's highest priority in his first 100 days in office, eclipsing issues such as education, the carbon tax, border protection and the environment.

Reality check: Appointing “Dr Ziggy” to run NBN Co is a terrible idea

Communications Minister-elect Malcolm Turnbull reportedly thinks Ziggy Switkowski would make a great choice to run the National Broadband Network Company. Can I please have some of what he's smoking?

The shape of things to come: FTTN criticism will not die

The creation of a fast-growing petition and the publication of a landmark article by the ABC on the issue are among growing signs that a powerful level of dissent about the Coalition's unpopular fibre to the node-based National Broadband Network policy will come to dog the incoming Abbott government on an ongoing basis.

Dick Smith moves into David Jones

Consumer electronics retailer Dick Smith has revealed it will take over the electronics retail operations of some 30 David Jons stores around Australia from October, as the troubled company's new private equity owners continue to push to rehabilitate its operations.

Finally, Foxtel launches full IPTV service

Pay TV giant Foxtel has launched an Internet streaming version of its service that will allow those with certain smart TVs, gaming consoles or generic personal computers connected to their TVs to access a large chunk of the company's content through the public Internet, without the normal requirement to have a Foxtel cable or satellite connection.

Getting away with blue murder: How the NBN distraction is covering Telstra’s crimes

Under the cover of the NBN's madness and media hype, there's another high-wire act under way: The nation's other telco monopolist, Telstra, is successfully concentrating its market power; and that's not good news for anyone.

Albanese incorrectly claims Bespoke is ‘PR agency’

Communications Minister Anthony Albanese this morning claimed a firm hired by a law firm acting for NBN Co's board of directors was a "public relations company", despite the fact that the firm concerned, Bespoke Approach, is listed on the Federal Government's register of lobbyists and employs former senior politicians for the purposes of providing political management services.

NBN Co paying lobbyists to woo the Coalition? This madness must stop.

If NBN Co's board has indeed hired political lobbying firm Bespoke to represent itself to the Coalition ahead of the Federal Election ... then that represents an extraordinary move, and one which I, for one, and no doubt countless others, simply cannot approve of.

Google’s new Aussie MD: Zero tech/media experience

This morning search advertising and technology giant Google appointed a new managing director for its Australia and New Zealand division. While Maile Carnegie is a very seasoned executive with a few decades at consumer goods company Proctor & Gamble (P&G), we'd have to question her fitness to provide vision for Google's local operations ... given that the executive appears to have zero experience in either the technology or media industries, which is kind of where Google specialises.

Why touchscreens matter for laptops (Or, review of the ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch)

Over the past several years I've had the somewhat unique experience of reviewing almost exactly the same laptop three times. What the process has taught me is that the new wave of touchscreens making their way into laptops aren't just a fad; they're part of a subtle revolution in the way we interact with out portable devices.

Attanasio quits Customs as CIO role abolished

The Australian Customs and Border Protection Service has revealed plans to abolish its chief information officer role in the wake of the resignation of its incumbent CIO Joe Attanasio from the position in late November last year.

Customs restructures IT with CTO

The Australian Customs and Border Protection Service has advertised for a new chief technology officer to ensure its strategic IT vision is aligned with its business operations; but it's not immediately clear how the new CTO will fit in with the company's existing chief information officer position held by Joe Attanasio.

iiNet’s piracy stance attracts global praise

A decision by Australia's third-largest ISP to pull out of controversial secret talks with the content industry over Internet piracy issues has attracted international attention, with global commentators and readers highlighting the ISP's approach as a sensible one to dealing with litigious film and TV studios.

How to understand NAB’s core banking strategy

If you follow Australia’s banking technology scene closely, no doubt you’ve probably become quite confused over the past four or so years about the National Australia Bank’s core banking overhaul strategy and how precisely it is actually put together and progressing; and you wouldn’t be the only one. But if you delve a little under the surface it all becomes clear.

HTC Titan 4G (Telstra): Review

The HTC Titan 4G is the first Windows Phone 7-based smartphone available through Telstra which supports the telco's speedy new 4G network. But does the Titan 4G's powerful innards and suave design justify its hefty price tag? Read on to find out.

Google boss: let Internet flourish to boost productivity

The annual $27-billion boost to Australia’s productivity from internet innovation is at threat from policymakers who would rather restrict online access than embrace it, Google’s Australia boss has warned.

ACCC approves FOXTEL and Austar merger

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has announced it will not oppose the proposed acquisition of AUSTAR by FOXTEL, greenlighting the multi-billion dollar merger of the two pay TV giants and paving the way for Australia's digital TV sphere to be re-shaped.

The Westpac dialectic: IT outsourcing and warring narratives

At a certain point, corporate-speak becomes more than an abstraction. It becomes more than a useful metaphor. It becomes something which is simply undesirable in the honest relationship between an employer and and an employee. It becomes something which is all-too pervasive in our media-saturated society. It becomes ... spin.

TelePresence saves Govt $12m

The Federal Government has saved an impressive $12 million in travel expenses by setting up Cisco’s TelePresence solution, according to a statement jointly issued by the networking vendor and its partner Telstra in Canberra this week, with just one TelePresence meeting involving 12 separate locations, for example, delivering a $100,600 saving in travel costs.

Reality check: Telstra 4G not aimed at the NBN

Those claiming that Telstra's 4G mobile broadband rollout is a shot across the bow of the fibre National Broadband Network need to take a chill pill and look a bit harder at what the company is really aiming to achieve with the project: Freed up capacity on its existing mobile infrastructure to deal with existing demand.

THQ closes Aussie game studios

Multinational video game publisher THQ overnight in the US revealed it would close two development studios in Australia and a team in Arizona, with the move to affect some 200 staff in total.

NBN-connected Tassie schools finally get access

The Tasmanian Government has finalised a solution to a contractual impasse which has seen a number of schools in early stage National Broadband Network rollout zones in the state unable to utilise the infrastructure, despite the fibre having been physically connected to their premises.

HTC Desire S: Review

The original HTC Desire is credited with kickstarting the explosive growth of the Android ecosystem in Australia after it launched through Telstra in April 2010. Now HTC and Telstra are trying the same trick again with the launch of the son of Desire. But in a much more crowded smartphone marketplace can they re-kindle the magic? Read on to find out.

Facebook PR chief’s first job: Quelling Queensland

We were encouraged to note that Facebook has finally decided to hire some brave soul to act as an Australian spokesperson.

Why I’m ditching VoIP for the PSTN

This week I called iiNet and cancelled our VoIP service. We’re returning to the Public Switched Telephony Network. All of my calls from now on will be placed over the ageing copper infrastructure which the National Broadband Network will eventually replace. The switch will take down our broadband connection for several days, but at the end of the process it’ll be worth it.

Senator Mary Jo Fisher on life, the NBN and everything

A lawyer with a strong background in dealing with farmers’ workplace issues, South Australian Senator Mary Jo Fisher probably never expected to become so involved in the highly technical world of information technology and telecommunications.

It’s policy: Victoria rejects NBN opt-out

Victoria’s new technology minister has confirmed the state’s new Coalition Government does not support the introduction of Labor’s preferred ‘opt-out’ model for the National Broadband Network, in a move that will force residents to actively choose to receive fibre infrastructure when the rollout hits their neighbourhood.

THE KING IS BACK: How Bob McKinnon is fixing Westpac IT

This week Westpac group executive of Technology Bob McKinnon spoke to journalists in a wide-ranging briefing about his strategy and the state of the bank's IT integration with St George.

Fiserv to rejuvenate Westpac’s online banking

Top-tier Australian bank Westpac has chosen Fiserv’s online individual, business banking and corporate services for it’s online transformation program, where the bank aims to update the online services currently available to its customers.

How can Australia build a great technology sector?

If we can get a consensus about a solution as strong as the one that existed yesterday in reaction to my initial piece on Atlassian's situation, that might be a starting point to take Australia forward and help it to become a real technology powerhouse.

Conroy vs Lundy: A 14-year comparison study

It's important to look back at the history since Conroy and Lundy both joined the Senate in 1996 to learn why one has maintained a strong reputation in Australia's technology sector while the other is having theirs torn further into shreds every day.

Foxtel comes to Xbox 360

Microsoft and Foxtel today revealed that the cable television platform would be offered as a streaming and video on demand service directly through Microsoft's Xbox 360 consoles.

Oh dear: Telstra comes to the mountain

It's safe to say that Australia's largest telco Telstra hasn't exactly had the *best* of relationships with the fiery denizens that reside in the deep and swirling waters known as Whirlpool. And who can blame it?

Change agent: Senator Scott Ludlam

Greens Senator Scott Ludlam has emerged as a major policy player in the telecommunications industry.

Qld Premier’s Dept seeks Woolley replacement

Queensland's Department of Premier and Cabinet has kicked off the search for a senior IT executive to replace its former chief information officer Phil Woolley, who recently joined Queensland Health.

Sir Humphrey Appleby on the internet filter

To understand the situation that we find ourselves in regarding the internet filter, we need to refer to the great political textbook of our age: Yes Minister/Yes Prime Minister.

CSC cycles out Aussie chief Wilkinson

US IT outsourcing giant CSC has replaced incumbent Australian chief Nick Wilkinson with Gavin Larkins, a former local executive with the group who is returning from Harvard's Advanced Management Program.

Conroy has implementation study: Ludlam

Greens communications spokesperson Scott Ludlam today claimed Communications Minister Stephen Conroy had received the National Broadband Network implementation study and backed Opposition calls for it to be produced.

Woolworths reviews Telstra contract

Retail giant Woolworths has confirmed it is currently reviewing its requirements for wide-ranging telecommunications services in a process that will test the fitness of...