Five trends impacting the enterprise IT helpdesk
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sponsored post Today’s enterprise IT support organisations and help desks are experiencing a dramatic shift in the way technologies are developed, deployed and consumed. But progress is a double-edged sword for IT support. This whitepaper presents five interrelated trends impacting the way IT support organisations operate: Productivity pressures; cloud computing; consumerisation of IT; corporate social media; and raising the bar on service.

The intended audience for this free whitepaper includes executives, IT management, software development/QA leadership, and anyone else with a stakeholder interest in IT help desks.

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  1. Real Helpdesk IT treads

    Trend 1. Your manager wears a YOLO t-shirt to work
    Trend 2 Someone ate all the banners. I think it was the new guy
    Trend 3. I think the server down. Because we got alot of calls about the internet not working
    Trend 4 Everyone is wearing mexcian hats for casual friday and your not
    Finally the number 5 top tend in IT helpdesk:
    Trend 5: Sorry but your job is being outsourced tomorrow


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