BYOD light: how Leeds took its first steps towards bring your own device


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  1. So the story goes out of 6000 employees 160 of them have signed up for BYOD. Big deal, why is this small scale deployment even news? Come back when you have all employees covered not just a tiny sample of the workforce.

  2. So should I let them install their management software on my phone? No thank you. Check all the scary permissions it asks at They can read the text messages I’m sending (even at home) or get the phone numbers I’m calling (even at home) or what’s on the internal storage (do you wipe your phone before going at work to protect your privacy?).

    Its either mine or yours, it can’t be both. I’ll be more than happy to keep using my phone for doing my stuff and use a phone they provide to do their stuff. If they want to reduce their costs by making us buy the hardware, they should go all the way long and give up any idea of controlling what we are doing with it.

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